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yes, it is equal to ba degree. Most of the schools will give you a job.

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Q: Prathama degree from Hindi sahitya sammelen is equivalent to graduation?
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Is prathama and madhayma from Hindi sahitya sammelan is valid in UPSC?

kavivar parmanand das par ekk sanshikt lekh likhye

Is prathama exam of hindi sahitya sammelan is recognized by indian railways at present if so can you send the reference of railway board's letter?

No at present not valid for employment

Is Hindi sahitya sammelan allahabad prathama course is recognized by bse odisha?

No , it is only recognise in some central govt . job where required qualification is minimum 10th .

Is a degree Sahitya sudhakar Bombay Hindi vidhyapith is equivalent to BA gujrat?

Yes, sahitya sudhakar is equivalent to a BA gujrat.

You complete class 10th from Hindi sahitya samellan allahabad so iam am able to give the govermented competative exaMINATION?

i want to tell u one thing that hindi sahitya sammelan prathama ( 10 th) is not further recognised by hrd after 2010 as per online info pls check

What Hindi sahitya sammelan ellahabad offers madhyama visharad course?

Pls clarify that is madhyama visharadha corse from sahitya sammelan is equivalent to intermediate

IS Shiksha visharad issued by Hindi sahitya sammelan is equivalent to bed or not?


How do you check the marksheet is dublicate Hindi sahitya sammelan allahabad?

Sir I have passed Hindi Shaitya Sammelan from Prathama in 2009. Marie Markes If I lost my marksheet, I got my marksheet out there. Where is the registered office of Hindi literature conference in Delhi

When was Sahitya Akademi created?

Sahitya Akademi was created in 1954.

Is degree of shiksha visharad equivalent to bed?

"Shiksha Visharad", Certificate, granted by the "Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad" has not been treated equivalent to B.T/B.ED. Degree rather equivalent to B.T.C/C.T.

When was Sahitya Akademi Award created?

Sahitya Akademi Award was created in 1954.

When was Sahitya Akademi Fellowship created?

Sahitya Akademi Fellowship was created in 1968.