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I am not sure what your question is but I have a Remington 1100 and a 11-87. I believe the 11-87 took the place of the 1100 which was discontinued. I owned a sporting goods store starting in 1991 and 11-87 was a new shotgun back then. People wanted to get rid of there 1100 quite often because it would jam often when not cleaned. I personally love mine but you must clean it often. if you have a 1100 in very good condition it is a excellent shotgun to keep your hands on because of it's value. A 1100 in any guage starts out around $400.00 with the 16 ga. or 410 bringing upwards of $800.00 to $1200.00 +. don't get me wrong the 11-87 is an awsome shotgun. And it will also always hold a strong value.
The Remington model 1100 is not discontinued. They have been in continuous production since 1963, and are currently the top line semi autos Remington offers. They are available in several styles and gauges with an MSRP of around $1,200.00
The 11-87 was inttroduced in 1987 and is designed to handle 2-3/4" and 3" shells without adjustment; the 1100 required changing barrels. A lot of people preferred the feel of the 1100s to the early 11-87s and the 1100 refused to die.
Depending on condition and actual age, the best price is around $550 for one in EXCELLENT condition predating 1986, as on 9/09.
The 1100 entered production in 1963 and production continues currently. This model underwent few changes. Scroll work has varied in style and the vent rib (VR) barrels became standard around 1985. Obviously, the older the gun (depending on condition) the more value it will have AS A COLLECTOR'S item.
The 1100 is available in .410, 12, 20 and 28 Gauge, and has been made in 16 gauge.
The 11-87 entered production in 1987. It did not replace the 1100. The 11-87 MSRP is from about $750 to $1,250 and is only available in 12 and 20 gauge.
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Q: Pre 1986 Remington Model 1100 11-87?
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