Prefix meaning cell

Updated: 12/14/2022
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as in cytoplasm

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Q: Prefix meaning cell
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The prefix cyto- comes from a word meaning .?

a prefix meaning 'cell' as in cytoplasm. The origin is Greek 'Cutos' meaning a vessel or container

What does the prefix cyto comes from a word meaning?


What is the definition of uncellular?

Unicellular, as in a unicellular organism, means "To have on cell". The prefix "Uni-" meaning one or single, and the root word is cellular or cell.

US cell phone prefix?

There is no single cell phone prefix for the USA. Most cell phones are given numbers with the local area code of their owner.

What does the prefix clas mean?


A prefix that means cell?


What does the prefix telo- mean?

"Its tele, meaning far." Actually the prefix "telo-" means end. So, in the Cell Cycle, telophase is the last part of mitosis or the telomere is the end of a chromosome. Hope this helps and clarifies things!

What does the prefix cyte mean?

The prefix "cyte" means cell. It is derived from the Greek term "kutos," which refers to a cell. Words containing this prefix often relate to cells or cellular structures.

What does the prefix endo tell you about the endoplasmic reticulum?

the sell

What does the prefix phone mean?

it means cell

How would knowing this prefix meaning help you define the key term endocytosis?

Knowing that the prefix "endo-" means "inside" or "within" can help you understand that endocytosis is a cellular process where substances are brought into the cell by forming vesicles from the cell membrane. This process allows the cell to take in nutrients, regulate signaling molecules, and remove waste products.

What city is the cell phone prefix of 230 in the MS area code of 662?

The 662-230 prefix is assigned to Grenada, Mississippi, which is at exit 206 on I-55. That prefix contains both cell phones and landline numbers.