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A person can still be pregnant and have a period. Some women have a period through out their pregnancy.

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Q: Pregant symthoms and then gets period?
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Your period lasted 4 days when it is usually 7 days what does that mean?

your pregant your pregant

If you had unproteced sex on your first day of period and 3 weeks later u felt pregant but then u got your period could you still be pregant?

Why are you having sex on your period? By some people from a school....................

What does it mean if your period comes on late?

there is a good chance you are pregant

Can your period still come if you think your pregnant?

Well i know i have two children now and with both i was still coming on my period so i didnt think i was pregant cause i having my period but everyone body is different so i know you can still have a period and still b pregant cause everytime i found out i was pregant i was 5 months

When is a girl able to get pregant?

Anytime between her first period and menipuse.

How can you determine your conception date if you still have a period?

you are not pregant if u still have it

Does your period come late under extreme stress?

sorry your pregant

Have cramp 5days but you should your period on May 5?

:) your period might just be late or you might just be pregant !

Is it possible to get pregnant when you have your period?

It is possible but highly unlikely. When you have your period it is to flush out your system, it it not? When you get pregant right before your period (Before the sperm reaches the egg) the period flushes it out.

If you just got over your period 2 days ago will you become pregnant if you are not on the pill?

then you are not pregant

You toke a pregnancy test and it said positive but you started your period are you pregnant?

yes u are pregant

Do you have to be on your period to get pregnant?

No, you can get pregnant at any timeyeaHI MY NAME IS boneshaqutialafonaNO U CAN GET PREGANT WEN UR NOT ON UR PERIOD OR WEN U R ON UR PERIOD.

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