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The incumbent president of the Russian Federation is Vladimir Putin, who is in his second tenure in the charge since it was institutionalized in 1991. His first tenure was from the year 2000 to 2008 and his second one started in year 2012.

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Q: Present president of russia?
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Who is the present Russia president?

Vladimir Putin.

Who is the present president of Russia?

The president of russia is currently Dimitri Medvedev. his last name is pronounced med - Vyed - av.

Who was the president of the USSR present day Russia?

Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev, the First President of USSR.

Who is Russia's present chief?

The current president of Russia is Vladimir Putin.

What is the Vice President in Russia?

Russia does not have a Vice President

What is the present-day capital of Russia?

The capital of present day Russia is Moscow.

Who was the president of Russia in 1900?

Russia had no President in 1900. It was a monarchy at that time

Who was the president of Russia in 2016?

In 2016, the President of Russia was Vladimir Putin.

Who was the first President of Russia?

The first president of Russia wasBoris Yeltsin.

Who was president of Russia in 1943?

Russia was in the control of the Soviet Union. Before 1991, Russia has never had a president.

Where does the president of Russia live?

in russia

Who was the president of Russia in 1828?

The president of Russia in 1828 was Andrew Jackson by Cheating

Does the president of Russia have any daughters?

Yes, the President of Russia has one daughter.

Was Russia absent at the treaty of Versailles?

No, Russia were present.

Where can i find the laws for running for president in russia if not born in russia.?

To be a president of Russian Federation you should be born in Russia or USSR

Who was the president in Russia during the holocaust?

There was no president in Russia at this time. Russia has only had presidents since 1991. The Holocaust was in the 1940s.

Who was the first elected president of Russia?

The first elected president of RUSSIA was Boris Yeltsin.

Who is the president of moscou 2014?

Moscow is the capital of Russia. Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia.

Who was president of Russia after Putin?

who is president putin

Who was the third president of Russia?

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. 3rd president of russia after vladmir putin

Who was the president of Russia in 1980?

who was president of russaia when reagan was president

Who was the President of Russia in 1917?

Russia did not have a president in 1917. The leader of the country at that time wasCzar Nicholas II.

Who is the president or king of Russia What is the capital city of Russia and what is its population?

Putin - the president Moscow - the capital city

Who is the presidend of Russia?

Currently the president of Russia is Dmitry Medvedev.

Who is the president of Pakistan at the present?

The present president of Pakistan.