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The answer is false.
If you are taking this question directly from the A.P. U.S. History Study Guides, you will find the answer on page 229 in your textbook, meaning that yes, you have to go back into chapter 11 to find an answer to the study guide for chapter 12.

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Q: President Madison cleverly manipulated Napoleon into repealing his blockade decrees. True or False?
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Why was England Napoleon's biggest problem?

Britain blockade Europe and costed Napoleon strength and money.

What was Napoleon's plan to defeat England by not trading with them called?

The Continental Blockade.

What blockade did napoleon create to destroy Britain's economy?

the continental system

What were the results of the British blockade?

The blockade of British ports was part of the Continental System put in place by Napoleon in retaliation for the British naval blockade of the coastlines in France. The result of the blockade of British ports was not severe or long-lasting. It hurt Britain to a small degree, but not as much as Napoleon hoped.

What was The Continental System a form of?

The Continental System was a form of economic warfare instituted by Napoleon Bonaparte in an attempt to isolate Britain and disrupt its trade with other European countries. It required European nations controlled by Napoleon to embargo British goods, leading to economic hardships for those involved.

Blockade of the British isles ordered by napoleon to stop British trade?

Continental System

How did Great Britain combat Napoleon's blockade?

They established a world class network of smugglers.

Napoleon's blockade of British ports was called the .?

It was a part of the Continental System.

Who was the president that ordered a blockade of cuba 1962?

Wasn't that president Kennedy?

What was Napoleon's policy called for using a blockade against Great Britain?

The Continental System.

What is napolean's blockade of british goods?

There was no physical blockade of British ports by the French under Napoleon. What occurred was a trade war with competing embargos, begun by Napoleon in a plan to weaken Britain economically. France did not have the ships to enforce the announced blockade. The so-called "Continental system" prohibited other nations from trading with England. The British responded by blockading French ports. Caught in the middle were countries like the US, who only wished to have commerce wherever it was welcome. When Russia finally withdrew from the system in 1812, Napoleon invaded, eventually taking Moscow but losing almost his entire army.

Napoleon's blockade of europes ports which was intended to make continental Europe more self-sufficient was called the?

The Continental System.