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The President of the United States during WWI was Woodrow Wilson.

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Q: President during ww1
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Who was the us president during WW1?

the president during ww1 was Wilson

Was FDR President during WW1?


What president was in office during WW1?

Woodrow Wilson was the US president during WW I.

Who was the american president during ww1?

Woodrow Wilson

The us president during ww1 was?

Woodrow Wilson

Who was the us president in 1916 during the WW1?

Woodrow Wilson

Who was President of France in World War 1?

The president of France is Raymond Poincare during WW1

Who died in 1945?

roosevelt are 32 president he died during WW1

Who was the president of the us during ww1 and proposed 14 points for the treaty that ended the war?

President Woodrow Wilson.

How did president Roosevelt communicate with Americans during world war 1?

Roosevelt wasn't president in WW1, so he didn't communicate with anyone. 2nd Answer: 2 things: President Roosevelt was in office during WW2, not WW1. He communicated with the people through radio and press conferences (thus newspapers). President Woodrow Wilson was in office during WW1. He was the first to use press conferences. Most of his communication with the people was through press conferences and newspapers.

Who was president during World War 1 and World War 2?

the prez during ww1 was william and ww2 was roosevelt

What side was Russia on in WW1?

russia was on the Allies side during ww1

Who was the president of the us when ww1 end?

its my dick

How war president Wilson involved?

WW1 .

What did most Americans believe the us should do at the outbreak of ww1?

Most Americans did not want to join the war... In fact, Woodrow Wilson (the president during WW1) wanted to be neutral, isolated instead of go into war.

Who was first president to appoint czars?

Woodrow Wilson during WW1 assigned the head of the War Industries Board the position of industry czar.

Was Ruthford b. Hayes running for president during world war 1?

No, Hayes died in 1893 and WW1 started 1914.

Who was the president of the us when ww1 started?

Woodrow Wilson.

What did India do during WW1?


What music did Great Britain listen to during WW1?

the children and adults did not listen to jazz during ww1 as it was not invented until 1920

What president came up with the idea for the united nations?

President Harding at the end of WW1.

Who was president of the us when the us entered the war?

which president wanted to keep the US out of WW1

Who was president at the beginning of ww1?

Woodrow Wilson was US President for the entire duration of WW I.

Which us president was a commander in ww1?

Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman were the only US president that served in WW I. Eisenhower was a captain when the war ended; Truman was a major. (Of course the president Woodrow Wilson was commander-in-chief during the war.)

Who was the red baron top ace for during WW1?

The Red Baron, or Baron Von Richtofen, was the top pilot of Germany during WW1.