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Q: President roosevelts actions during the hundred days were focued on?
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President Roosevelts Actions during the Hundred Days were focused on?

Relief, recovery, reform.

Nickname of Roosevelts soldiers?

President Roosevelt was Americas 26th President. During the Spanish American war Mr. Roosevelt's soldiers had the nickname of "Rough Riders."

How many pieces of legislation were passed during roosevelts 100 days as president?

FDR passed 15 major bills.

What did the record number of bills passed during the first hundred days of Franklin roosevelts administration indicate?

a commitment by the government to provide immediate relief

What reached a new high during Roosevelts first term as president?

During Roosevelt's first term in office, the nation's national debt reached a new high. Franklin D. Roosevelt was America's 32nd President.

Did the Yalta conference take place during Truman's presidency?

no it took place during roosevelts presidency

Did the Depression happen during president Franklin Roosevelts' presidency?

The Depression did happen during President Roosevelts' presidency, but it had started four years before his presidency, under President Hoover. Both president Hoover and President Roosevelt initiated public works and legislation aimed at creating jobs and getting the economy back on its feet again. This started to take effect in 1934 and worked until 1938, when the economy relapsed. Ironically it took WW II to get the US economy finally booming again, as the war economy meant an enormous stream of orders for any company that directly or indirectly could service the massive war requirements.

Country at war during Roosevelts administration?

If your talking about Teddy Roosevelt the answer is Russia

How would president Whashington's actions during the Whiskey Rebellion help determine the actions of presidents facing similar situations in the future?

tyrone was a man that was great he helped washigton

Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt allergic to anything?

during Franklin delanos roosevelts third term as president he was offerd a gift of jambalaya but had to refuse it due to being allergic to crawfish. SO hes allergic to crawfish.

Why did Congress passed numerous pieces of legislation during the first Hundred Days of Franklin Roosevelts administration?

Congress passed numerous pieces of legislature during the first hundred days of Franklin Roosevelt's administration to help solve the current depression. His New Deal policies helped the country recover.

When did roosevelts New Deal occur?

After the Great Depression it was his response to help people during this time. At this point 1 out of 4 people were unemployed and many more people were starving out on the streets. The New Deal was his platform when he was running for president.