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How much am I looking at for a blown head gasket on a 545.i BMW 2005

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Q: Price to fix blown head gasket on a BMW?
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Blown head gasket 1996 BMW 328i?

what are you asking here? PLease be more specific - how do I know if my head gasket is blown, or what do I do about a blown head gasket ......

How much should it cost to replace a blown head gasket for a 1997 BMW 528i?

How much should it cost to replace a blown head gasket for a 197 BMW 528I

What would cause a blown head gasket in BMW 7 series?


Cost to repair blown head gasket on 2001 BMW 325i?


Why does a BMW hesitate and blows white smoke?

Most likely you have a blown head gasket.

Why BMW 730i white smoke?

Blown cylinder head gasket. The engine burns water.

How much should it cost to replace a blown head gasket on a 84 BMW?

It can cost between $30 and $100+ to replace a blown head gasket. It will depend on where the person buys the part and if a shop does the change out or not.

2003 bmw 325i blown head gasket?

Do not drive this vehicle at all. Seek professional help as this is a major repair.

Total cost for a blown head gasket on a 2000 BMW 323i?

Ill let you know, just towed mine to the shop

How much for head gasket repair on BMW 316?

Depends on who performs the repair and if the heads need resurfacing or replacing. Also depends on how long you drove this car with a blown head gasket. There could be other damage.

What causes misfires in cylinder 5 on a BMW 528i?

Defective spark plug or plug wire. Can also be blown head gasket or burnt valve.

Blown head on your 1996 BMW what part do you need to buy?

Pretty vague question there. You may just need a new head gasket, or you might need a new cylinder head if you've warped the old one.