Pro's and cons of a stay at home mom?

I have been a stay at home mom for six years now. I thought I would return to work, but when I saw the baby, I couldn't leave her. She would cry all the time and seemed to only be comforted by me. Luckily, my husband felt that we could financially pull off having me stay at home. While I was pregnant, we were paying off bills and saving up money just in case this was to happen. Upon staying home for the first year, I quickly realized that instead of working in a hospital as a researcher, I was now a short-order cook, babysitter, nurturer, cab driver, and maid. Not to mention a wife and mother. It was a huge change. Looking back, anyone looking to stay at home should carefully plan to have scheduled time each week away from the kids. This will help you to be a better parent overall.


I don't feel like I have missed anything. I've been here for every moment and have seen every milestone.

My kids feel they can always count on me, and that I am always here for them.

I don't have to worry and wonder that a day care worker or babysitter is neglecting, abusing or mistreating my children. (This was huge for me)

When the kids get sick, no one has to miss work.

I can control how much TV my kids are watching, give healthy choices for meals, and make sure they are doing homework.

When planning vacations, we only have to worry about my husband getting time off work.

We are saving money in daycare costs.


It is extremely stressful to stay home with the children at all times. To be the one responsible for every meal and snack, and getting them dressed, toileted and bathed is difficult. Taking them to school, and playdates and keeping them entertained takes so much energy, you will be left exhausted. I often thought it would have been easier to just go to work and pay someone else to do everything.

You miss out on socialization with adults, and mental break time from the children. When you work outside of the home, you can talk to your coworkers, have quiet time driving to work, go to lunch and to the bathroom with no children attached to your legs.

We can't get a tax break for paying money for daycare.


You can be an excellent parent, whether you choose to stay at home or not. As long as you find ways to spend quality time with your children, and communicate your feelings with each other, you will do great!