Processes of copar as a strategy for community development?

The processes of COPAR as a strategy for community development are the following:

# Pre-Entry Phase # Entry Phase # Organization Buildingg & Capability Building Phase # Sustenance & Strengthening Phase # Turn-over & Phase-out Phase

Pre-Entry Phase * In this phase of COPAR, the community organizer's activities are comprise of two major tasks; the site selection and, selection of host families or the staff house.

Entry Phase * Also called as the Social Preparation Phase. Here, the community organizers immerse themselves in the selected site and integrate in the community. The major tasks of the community organizers include the ff.; conduct information campaign about the programs, conduct deepening social investigations, identification of potential leaders that will be made members of the community health organization, make provisions for health programs, and conduct a community diagnosis to determine the problems of the community that affects health.

Organization Building & Capability Building Phase * This phase signals the start of community self-management on the development program and the formation of the Community Health Organization a.k.a. CORE GROUP including their training to become partners in community health development. Susthenance & Strengthening Phase * I this phase, the Community Health Organization are already participating in community wide health programs including the delivery of the basic health services specially in areas where health facilities are not available. Implementation of livelihood programs is important in this phase of COPAR as profit from this will help the Community Health Organization to finance their planned health programs and this is true if financial assistance are not available from the government and private sectors. Turn-over & Phase-out Phase * The phase of COPAR to when the Community Organizers leave the community to stand alone and deepen their commitments to pursue their goals of being self-reliant.