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Products produced in Colonial Maryland?

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Tobacco, indigo, hemp, rice,

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What products were produced in colonial Maryland?


When was the Colonial Nissan produced?

Colonial Nissan sells NIssan products. There Nissan products are produced in the USA and Mexico. Please note Colonial Nissan is a dealer and does not sell its own products.

What are facts about colonial Maryland?

Colonial Maryland Facts: nonononononono

What are 5 natural products produced in Maryland?


Products of colonial rhode island?

ships and rice were produced as cash crops

Was there lack of food in colonial Maryland?

No, there was much food in colonial Maryland.

During colonial times was Maryland known for farming?

Yes they produced indigo, rice, hemp and tobacco.

What products were imported and exported in Maryland in colonial times?

some items that Maryland imported were tea and sugar. some items Maryland exported were iron, lumber, fish, and tobacco.

What was the first vegatable grown in colonial Maryland?

It is not known what the first vegetable was that was grown in colonial Maryland. Many vegetables were grown in colonial Maryland such as corn and squash.

What were the major colonial cities of Maryland?

The major cities of Colonial Maryland are: Baltimore and Annapolis.

What was indigo used for in colonial Maryland?

for dying those textiles they produced! It's a natural blue dye derived from a plant!

What were the products that were produced in colonial new york?

the products they made was ciggarretes and then cotton wearing because they both use the main cash crops

Why did people listen 2 the laws of colonial Maryland?

People were compelled to listen to the laws of colonial Maryland.

Who were the leader of colonial Maryland?


Is Maryland a colonial city?

no it is not

Geography of colonial Maryland?

Maryland is to the east of the Appalachain Mountains

What types of products did colonial north carolina produce?

Like Virginia, NC produced farm products, especially tobacco, indigo, as well as lumber.

What products were produced in Maryland colony?

Products used in Maryland were thing such as fish for food and also lumber (timber) which were used for furniture and tree working. Also iron and crops such as corn, wheats, bread, flour, etc.

What were churches like in Colonial Maryland?

Well, Maryland had many catholic and christian churches. colonial Maryland, just like today's Maryland had religious freedom. Mostly catholic people came from England.

Which of these is not one of the basic economic questions where should products be produced for whom should products be produced how should products be produced what products should be produced?

Where should products be produced

Maryland colonial industry?


What were the clothing in colonial Maryland?

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What was the agriculture in colonial Maryland?


What was the colonial transportation in Maryland in the 1600s?

other than by foot,and later horses,the waterways were the highways during early colonial maryland.

When was Edward Lloyd - Colonial Governor of Maryland - born?

Edward Lloyd - Colonial Governor of Maryland - was born in 1670.