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Chemical properties are properties that depend on the substances reactions with other substances. Physical properties can be observed without changing the composition of the matter.

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Does the substances that take part in a chemical reaction keep their properties?

Some, but not all, substances do so. Such substances are known as catalysts.

How do substances interact with other substances is known as chemical properties?

Substances interact with other substances by chemical properties

What properties of a substance determines how that substances will react when combined with other substances?

properties of matter that determine how a substance reacts with other substances

What is the chemical reaction of oxygen with other substances called?

The chemical reaction of oxygen with other substances is called oxidation.

What properties distinguishes minerals from other substances?

Minerals crystal habit, cleavage, hardness, color and luster are the properties that distinguish minerals from other substances.

How chemistry help in kitchen?

it can help you to know what are the chemical properties of substances and their reaction when mixed with other substances and what not to be put in a dish as it can give a harmful reaction. it also tells you about an acidic substance and a base and also teach you about household remedies of some diseases

How do the properties of elements compare to each other?

It would depend on which properties you are comparing.

What causes substances to combine in different ways to make other substances?

A chemical reaction causes substances to combine in different ways to make other substances.

What are characteristics of a substance?

Characteristics of a substance are called properties. Substances have chemical properties - how they react with other substances and physical properties - boiling and melting point, colour, solid liquid or gas, smell...

What evidence is there that burning is a chemical reaction?

After burning a substance is decomposed in other substances; this is a chemical reaction.

What is a anabolic reaction?

An anabolic reaction is where simple substances combined with each other to create more complex substances via chemical reactions. For such a reaction to take place, energy is needed.

What are chemical properties?

Chemical Properties are the characteristics of a substance that determine how it will react with other substances.Chemical properties is a characteristic of pure substances that describes it's ability to change into different substances.Example: flammability, chemical reactivity, pH, oxydative properties, resistance to corrosion, aptitude to explode, etc.

Is ability to react with other substances chemical or physical?

This is a chemical reaction. When substances change you can call it chemical.

How do substances from during a chemical reaction?

When molecules bump and move each other, a chemical reaction occurs. The moving and combining of molecules forms the new substances.

Is the ability to react with other substances a chemical property or a physical property?

The ability of a substance to react with another is a chemical property. Chemical properties can only be known by the occurrence of chemical reactions. Since a chemical reaction must be carried out to find if two substances reaction, this property is a chemical one.it is a chemical property :)

What substances are in a mixture and what happens to the properties of the substance?

Depends of course of what substances the mixture contains. Depending of the substances in a solution or mixture as you typed, the properties of each one or all of them may be altered when heated up, or when those substances do not combine chemically each other.

What are the properties of reactivity?

Reactivity refers to how vigorously an atom is to react with other substances.

Is tea a chemical or physical reaction?

you would think that tea was a physical reaction but it actually is a chemical reaction cause it relies on the chemical properties of water and the substances in the tea leaf. these substances-tannins, caffeine, and many other-dissolve in the hot water. the heat accelerates the reaction,but it is not a physical change. (try steeping a tea bag in cold water-eventually you will get tea, although it will taste a bit different, probably cause the heat affects the dissolution of the various substances at different rates.)

How are physical properties and chemical properties different?

Physical properties pertain to how a substance acts on it's own while chemical properties pertain to how a substance reacts with other substances.

What effect does temperatures have on equilibriums?

The temperature of a reaction will entirely change th equilibrium position for any given reaction. If I'm right, as you increase the temperature, the equilibrium shifts closer to the endothermic reaction as there is more heat to consume. It may also, of course, change other properties of the substances involved in the reaction, but that depends on the chemicals.

Which term is used to define substances that participate in chemical reactions?

Substances that participate in the complete, finished reaction are called reactants. Substances that participate for only part of the reaction (in other words, it is used up [or canceled out in the equation]) are called intermediates. Substances that do not participate in the reaction but are still added (and speed up the reaction [their identity is not changed]) are called catalysts.

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