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Protist function in the living world?

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use to stop aids

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Is protist a living thing?


Are animal like protist living or nonliving?

Living offcourse.

Are there ribosomes found in protist?

Yes, ribosomes are found in protist. The function of the ribosomes is that they acts as a site of protein synthesis.

What are the similarities between protist and bacteria?

Both are living.

What is bacterias function in the living world?

The function of the bacteria are to decompose or get rid of the waste or dead animals in the world.

Is fungi a living organism?

Yes it is not a plant animal bacteria or protist though but they are living

What is the function of the eyespot in a protist?

A protist's eyespot is a pigmented organelle that is sensitive to light, allowing the protist to move towards the light for feeding/photosynthesis.

What is the function of protists?

the functions of protist are irritability, nutrient, reproduction, and respiration

What function do chloroplasts perform in protist producers?

Capture energy from the sun

What is the largest protist living today?

I believe it is the Giant Kelp, but not sure

What are some living and non-living things in a pond?

living:bacteriaprotozoans (animal like protist)algae(plant like protist)euglenaNonliving:rocksviruses living in a host organism such as a fishspace craft shape virusescrystal shape viruses

How many protist are there in the world?

3 or 4

What are the five kingdoms of living things?

animals plants fungi protist monerans

What are single celled living things in pond water called?

A Protist(s)

What kingdom is single celled?

A: The kingdom that is single-celled is the protist kingdom. It is one of the five kingdoms of living things; plant, animal, protist, moneran, and fungi. An example of a protist is algae. Eubacteria, Archaebacteria, Protista, and FungiProtista and Fungi

What happens when you add distilled water to a slide with a living protist?

Distilled water is almost devoid of free ions and molecules. So, when a living cell like a protist comes in contact with distilled water (which is hypotonic), large amounts of water enters the protist body, causing the cell to swell and burst, or suffer lysis.

What is the basic unit of structure and function in protist and monerans?

Cell is the basic unit of structure and function in all the protist and monerans. The monerans are ,however, prokaryotic organisms without a membrane bound nucleus. Monera include bacteria and blue-green algae.

Is the Venus Flytrap a protist?

No, it belongs to the plant kingdom because it has many living cells.

How many kingdoms of living things are there?

There are six:animal, plant, fungi, protist, eubacteria and archaebacteria

What are 6 kingdoms of living things?

Eubacteria, Archea, Protist, Fungus/Fungi, Plants, Animals

The American dogwood is a member of which kingdom of living things Plant Protist animal or monera?


Function of oxygen in living organisms?

what is the function of oxygen in most living organism

What makes a protist a protist?

---- ----

What was Hermes' function in the realm of the dead?

As a messenger god, he transports the spirits of the dead from the living world to the under world.

Is the protist kingdom unicellular?

yes protist s are unicellular becoz it includes ameoba euglena etc Actually it can be both unicellular and multicellular in this kingdom you have the living things that aren't classified in any other kingdom but sometimes animals in the protist kingdom may be changed to another

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