Prove it in German

Updated: 12/13/2022
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The German translation of prove it is

Beweise es (informal)

Beweisen Sie es (formal)

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Q: Prove it in German
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You notified that your grandfather was never a German citizen by Budesverwaltungsam although he was a German World War I vetern How can you prove he was German you have not documents to prove anything?

If you know his unit in World War 1 you might be able to find out more about him.

Can Labrador and German shepherd do good protection of home?

Yes,a Labrador and German Shepherd can prove to be an excellent protection for home.

What was one result of American propaganda during world war war?

German Americans tried to prove their loyalty by changing their names.

What does racially pure German mean?

It is a German that can prove that his ancestors were born in Austria or Germany. Usually proving it with family history up to the great-grandparents is enough.

How was militarism contributed to the war?

Hitler argued that military force was a way to prove the superiority of the German people.

Did King Edward VII speak with a German accent?

yeah..... actually what happen when Edward 7 was talking to German accent then i was present there as a prove i can give a recorded cassete.

Is french a easy language or is it harder then German because German is a sick language?

The Department of Defense lists French as one of the easiest languages to learn, but in my personal experience I think German is harder. That seems to confirm the DoD view. I am not German, but I can say German is not a sick language. You might not like it, but German is beautiful in its own way just as French is. Personally I found French rather easier to learn, but that doesn't prove anything.

How are Switzerland and Germany related?

Switzerland and German are relatable countries. Switzerland has been influenced throughout German history, and even has German as one of its official languages to prove this (German is the most spoken language in Switzerland as well). Switzerland was basically under German control, during the reign of the Holy Roman Empire, for almost 850 years.

Can a foreigner obtain German citizenship by virtue of same-sex registered partnership with a citizen of Germany?

Yes, provided the partner can prove rudimentary skills in German and passes the test for these skills. Married couples and parnershipped couples do not differ in Germany in this aspect.

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Purebred German Shepherds will have pedigree papers that prove registration to the Kennel Club and means that they have atleast 3 generations of pure recorded family history. If a German Shepherd does not have pedigree papers then it is either crossbred or wasn't legible for registration as a puppy. Currently, only shorthaired German Shepherds are shown seriously, so Longhaired German Shepherds may not be Kennel Club registered but still be purebred.

What is a result of American propaganda during world war 1?

Americans were encouraged to become more isolationist.

What evidence can you find that germans of the time were angry because church leaders forced them to buy indulgences?

There is little evidence the prove that German's were mad and had to buy indulgences. This is just told by mouth.