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the abbr. is PSY

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Q: Psychics say the have this ability abbr?
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Psychics say the have this ability?

next time give a clear question, have what ability? the psychic ability. everyone has it, and really anyone can be a psychic, it is completley true, and there have been tests, and they came out positive. I am a psychic.

Can psychics do spells?

No. This is not their ability. Some believe that psychics can see visions or signs of things of the future or past events or people that have passed on or away.

What is Abbr bushel?

There is no Abbr bushel. "Abbr." refers to "abbreviation".

What are abilities that psychics have?

Psychics have the ability to listen to spirit guides and receive information on past present and future events tha they could not know of using the 5 senses.

What is the long form for abbr?

The long form of abbr is abbreviation.

What is the full form of ABBR?

Abbreviation is the full form of the abbreviation ABBR.

Can psychics be found online?

"If one believes that psychics exist at all, i.e. that certain people are imbued with the ability to see the future or communicate with the paranormal, then many do exist online. Some may be found at Frostbitee."

What do psychics say about the end of the world?

They all say something different. This is one subject that has diverse opinions.

Does abbr mean abbreviation?

Yes, abbr is the abbreviation of the word abbreviation or abbreviate.

What is your personal take on psychics?

Well I am one so I have a very positive opinion of most psychics. There are those who use the profession to scam people but you will find that in any profession. There are also some who have more ability than others.

Where can one ask psychics a free question?

One can ask psychics a free question on sites such as California Psychics, Master Psychic Online, Michele Knight, Psychics Foretell and Love Psychics 101.

What is the abbr for answer?


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