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Purpose of folded napkin placed beside a plate on the table?

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to signal to servers that the person whom is eating is not finished yet and will be returning. Once the person is finished, they will crumble the napkin.

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Does the napkin ever go to the right of the plate?

If placed on the table the napkin always goes to the right of the plate, but also can be folded and placed inside an empty wine glass.

Which side of the plate does the dinner napkin go?

At a formal dinner setting the napkin is commonly placed across the dinner plate at the beginning of the meal. In some settings the napkin is folded and placed to the left of, and is some cases beneath the forks. At breakfast and again at luncheon the napkin is folded (sometimes artfully) to the left of the place setting. At an informal or family style dinner the napkin may be tucked into a napkin ring and placed either on or to the left of the plate. At a buffet the napkins are found folded on the buffet table in proximity to the flatware. At good restaurants and dinner parties napkins are appearing artfully folded on the dinner plates, above the setting and on occasion in the wine glass. This is the only time the napkin is found on the right of the place setting. During a seated meal your napkin should be a placed across your lap, never tucked into your collar or waistband. When leaving the table during dinner your napkin should remain on your chair until your return when it is replace on your lap. At the end of a formal dinner, as everyone is leaving the table the napkin is placed loosely to the left of the place setting.

Which side does the napkin go on?

For general place settings, the napkin is usually place on the left of the plate. This works with cloth or in more informal settings paper napkins. In some settings a cloth napkin is decoratively folded and placed in a glass, or directly in front of the plate. It is also acceptably for it to be folded neatly and placed on the plate. For more information on table settings and napkin folding, please see the related links below.

Which side of the plate does the napkin go?

Napkins can either be twisted neatly and placed in a fancy wine glass or water glass or, the napkin can be folded and laid to the right of the place with the knife on top.

Where does the napkin go?

The napkin can go under the fork on the left or the plate, or folded in the center of the dinner plate. The napkin can also be: Before a sit down meal. - artfully folded and placed above the dinner/luncheon plate. - artfully folded and tucked into a wine glass. - artfully folded and placed in the center of the dinner/luncheon plate. - rectangularly folded and placed, short side up, under the fork(s) -dinner/salad - rectangularly folded and place, short side up, in the center of the dinner plate - triangularly folded and place across the bread plate. - folded or gathered through a napkin ring (informal/family style meal) Before a buffet meal. - artfully folded into "pockets" with flatware in them - folded and stacked on the buffet table (near the flatware) During a meal, when seated - unfolded and placed across the lap - NEVER tucked into the neck/collar During a meal when you must leave your seat but plan to return. - on your chair seat - NOT refolded or bunched on the table After a meal, when you leave the table - placed neatly next to your plate or place setting if the dishes have been removed.

Where is the napkin placed when your meal is finished?

well usaully it is placed next to your plate when you are finished

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What are your options for placing a napkin in setting the table?

The napkin can go on the left side of the plate, on the plate, above the plate, or on the right side of the plate. Most traditionally the napkin is placed under the fork/forks on the left side of the plate.

When a donut is placed on a napkin the napkin will often absorb a liquid and appear moist What is most likely the nature of the liquid?

The mositure is most likely the oil that the donut was cooked in.

How do you set Thanksgiving dinner table?

Setting a Thanksgiving dinner table depends on how formal you want to be. Of course, starting with a Thanksgiving table cloth is always a nice touch. Generally, a proper place setting starts with the plate, with the knife next to it on the right and the spoon next to the knife. The blade of the knife faces the plate. On the left side of the plate is the napkin with the fold facing away from the plate and the dinner fork either on top of the napkin or between it and the plate. The glass is placed at the top of the knife and spoon. If you wish, you can add additional silverware, such as a soup spoon, salad fork, seafood fork, butter knife, etc, depending on what will be served. When adding silverware, place the additional pieces beside the matching pieces in the order they are expected to be used starting from the farthest away from the plate. Additional china can be added, too. A bread and butter plate can be placed above the fork and napkin. A cup and saucer for coffee or tea can be placed beside the napkin, etc.

What is placed at the left of the plate or on the plate?

You place forks on the left side of the plate. A napkin may go on top of the plate.

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After eating your chopsticks should be placed side by side on the plate and if there is no plate then they should be, by tradition rolled in the napkin provided you.

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A typical setting, such as often seen in small cafés, consists of simply a knife, fork and spoon. Occasionally, there may be a butter plate provided. Moving from Left to right would be: Napkin, Fork, PLATE, Knife (blade facing plate), Spoon. In some cultures, the napkin is placed beneath the fork. Optionally, a coffee cup may be placed above the knife and spoon. Quick-serve restaurants often dispense with etiquette rules and opt for functionality by placing the Fork, knife, and spoon atop the napkin. In those scenarios, the entire collection of cutlery is placed to the right of where the plate will eventually go.

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