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use a example word indiffrent on a sentence

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What is a good sentence with indifferent in it?

A good sentence with the word indifferent would go like this: You're quite indifferent from the others

Sentence with the word indifferent?

The kids were indifferent towards the new teacher.

What is a example sentence for indifferent?

She was indifferent to his pleas. The machine was indifferent to any of the activities going on around it.

How do you put indifferent in a sentence?

She isn't angry, in fact she seems indifferent to his bad behavior. He doesn't care about the crimes, he's indifferent to the news.

How do you use the word different in a sentence?

indifferent - 'I don't care what the outcome is, I don't have a preference, I'm indifferent.'

What is an example of a sentence using the word indifferent?

I am indifferent about whether you attend or not, so whatever you decide is fine.

Indifferent in a sentence?

Amelia is indifferent to where we go.

How is indifferent used in a sentence?

"He was indifferent to the sufferings of others"

What is a good sentence using indifferent?

their problems are indifferent for me

Need a sentence with undoubtedly and indifferent in the same sentence?

You are undoubtedly indifferent to how much this will cost your mother and me.

Use the word Indifferent in a sentence?

I am indifferent to your attitude, seek attention elsewhere. another use: "I am left feeling indifferent after contemplation of..." "I like the visual impact, it leaves one w/out indifference"

How do you use indifferent to in a sentence?

As usual, she remained indifferent to his advances.

How do you use indiffrent in a sentence?

He was indifferent to her feelings.She was indifferent to what the teacher recommended.

How can you use undoubtedly and indifferent in one sentence?

Example sentence - He is undoubtedly the most indifferent person I have ever known.

Sentence for indifferent?

The girl was very indifferent. THANK YOU! :D ~270k Bobby was very indifferent about his school work.

Indifferent in sentence?

The union representative remained indifferent to the company's latest offer.

Use indifferent in a sentence?

John felt indifferent or uninterested in the girl's gossip.

Undoubtedly and indifferent in a sentence?

Undoubtedly, she is indifferent to your idea of going bird-watching.

How can you use a complex sentence with the word indifferent?

Quite a variety of complex sentences using the word "indifferent" are possible. As just one example: "At that moment, he was indifferent to the fate of the refugees, yet just a few years later, when suffering as a refugee himself, his feelings changed dramatically."

How do you put the word wool in a ten word sentence?

I put the word wool in a ten word sentence.

A sentence using indifferent?

She/He was indifferent about the mean comments everyone was throwing at him/her because she was deaf.

How do you put the word countries in a sentence?

see How do you put the word countries in a sentence?

How do you use the word indifferent in a sentence?

After a relative passes away, a person can seem very indifferent to other people around.Because his political views were indifferent toward both candidates, the man didn't know who to vote for.I am indifferent to your attitude, so you should seek attention elsewhere.

How is the word is put in a sentence?

The word is put in a sentence like I just did right now.

Can you put the word printing press in a sentence?

You can put the word printing press in a sentence.

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