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1) You must be a citizen of the United States. 2) You must be at least eighteen years of age. 3) You must be a state resident.

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What are the constitutional qualifications to vote?

The Constitutional qualifications to vote is that you have to be 18 or older, and you has to be a U.S citizen.

What are the qualifications to register to vote in Mississippi?

The only qualification is to be a citizin If you are a citizen you can vote

What were the qualifications to vote prior to 1820?

Prior to 1820, the qualifications to vote excluded a lot of people from being able to do so. The qualifications included being white, being male and being a property owner.

4 qualifications to vote in Missouri?

it is to be 18 and older and .........................

Name at least two groups of people that could not vote in Colonial America because of these qualifications?

Non-whites and women could not vote in colonial america because of these qualifications

What are the qualifications to vote in Georgia?

The only requirement that you need to vote in any country is: You have to be 18+ the law requires it.

What are the qualifications for voting in Virginia?

You must:Be a citizen of the United StatesBe a resident of Virginia and of the precinct in which you want to voteBe 18 years old by the next electionNot have been convicted of a felony, or have had your civil rights restoredNot currently be declared mentally incompetent by a court of law

Where could woman vote before they were allowed to vote in Virginia?

They couldn't vote until 1920.

Who is the electoral vote in Virginia?

Virginia has 13 electoral college votes.

Who was allowed in vote in colony of Virginia?

White men were the only ones allowed to vote in the colony of Virginia. They also were required to own property.

Who was allowed in vote in the colony of Virginia?


How many people vote for Virginia?


Does the constitution outline religious qualifications for the president?

No- there are no official religious qualifications for President. Of course, voters may take religion into consideration when they vote.

Can a Republican vote in the Virginia Democratic Primary?

Yes, you can. I found this in "Virginia is an Open Primary state which means that any registered voter in Virginia can vote in either a Democratic or Republican primary. When both parties are holding a primary election, you will be asked which primary you want to vote in when you check in to vote with your photo ID."

How did redeemers try to deny the vote to African American?

By installing Jim-Crow Laws which limited the vote to people who met certain qualifications. Often times when an African-American passed these qualifications they would be denied anyways.

Did john langdon vote for the Virginia Plan or New Jersey plan?

Virginia plan

Why was the vote in Virginia so important?

The vote in Virginia was so important because Virginia was a large and powerful state and if Virginia rejected the pact, New York and the other remaining states might do so too. BTW did you get this question out of a textbook?

Who can vote in the Virginia Colony?

Only adult white males who owned property could vote.

What qualifications are to vote in the US?

In addition to possessing US Citizenship you must be at least 18 and registered to vote, and (in most states) not be a convicted felon.

Can you vote in Virginia?

Yes, but you must be a resident and be 18.

What was the vote in Cohens v Virginia?


Did James mchenry vote for the Virginia Plan?


What two qualifications must someone have to vote in Canada?

To be a Citizen of the country and to pay tax

How long do you have to live in the state of Virginia before your eligible to vote?

There is no time limit. When you get an address register to vote.

What are the qualifications for voting in West Virginia?

You are eligible to vote in West Virginia if you are A resident of West Virginia and the county in which you register. A U.S. Citizen. At least 17 years old, and 18 before the next General Election. Seventeen year olds may register and vote in primary elections, if they turn 18 by the next General Election. Not currently under conviction for a felony, including probation or parole, or a court ruling of mental incompetence. Voting rights are restored when the term of conviction ends.