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Qualitative observations are what?

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Qualitative observations are those that use your senses. So color, smell, what it sounds like, what it feels like, etc.

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How do quantitative observations differ from qualitative observations?

quatitative observations have to do with QUANTITY and qualitative observations have to do with QUALITY.

What are observations that does not include measurements?

Qualitative observations

What are some qualitative observations?

Qualitative observations have to do with qualities and not numbers, which would be quantitative observations. You can observe the shape, smell, taste, color, etc.

Is a qualitative observations a noun?


Which type of observations can be expressed using numbers?

operational observationsquantitative observationsmanipulated observationsqualitative observations

What is the main difference between qualitative and quantitative observations?

Basically qualitative observations are about the properties of what is being observed that do not use numerical units. Quantitative observations are those that do use measurements.

What types of observations include numbers?

Quantitative observations (as opposed to qualitative observations, which do not include numbers)

How do qualitative observations differ from quantitative?

qualitative observations don't use numbers and quantitative observations use numbers I remember them by the "N" in quantitative and I'd think that the "N" meant number.

What the difference between qualitative and quantitative observations?

Quantitative observations are the data collected in an experiment, mostly numbers. Qualitative observations would usually include written answers to analysis questions.

Observations that deal with descreptions that cannot be expressed in numbers are called?

Qualitative observations

What is qualitative observations?

A qualitative observation is- an observation of somethings characteristics... For example ~"That shirt is `pink`!"~

What is the definition of qualitative observations?

Qualitative Observation is when you observe something using your 5 senses

2 types of observations?

Qualitative and Quantitative.

What are the two categories of observations?

quantitative and qualitative

How are quantitative and qualitative observations different?

Quantitative observations are measurements, giving numerical answers. Qualitative ones produce simple descriptions, e.g. bubbles.

What are qualative observations?

Qualitative observations could also be called qualitative data, and would be data not related to exact numbers. Such observations could be warmth, flavor, gender, or yes-no answers to questions.

What are the two types of observations?

Observations can be Quantitative and or Qualitative. Quantitative observations are made objectively and are measurements and factual observations. eg "The plank is 3 feet long and rough sawn". Qualitative observations are subjective and may not be factual. eg. "The plank is a pretty colour and feels furry".

Give 5 examples of qualitative and quantitative observations?

Five examples of qualitative observations are texture, color, shape, form, and luminosity. Five examples of quantitative observations are length, width, volume, weight, and temperature.

Qualitative observations are recorded using what?

Numerical information

What type of observations deal with numbers?

qualitative observation

What is qualitative observations for a flower?


Observations that deal with description that can not be expressed in numbers are called?

Qualitative (quantitative are observations that can be expressed numerically)

What is the difference between quantitive and qualitive observations?

Quantitative observations are observations that can be precisely measured. Qualitative observations, meanwhile, are subjective observations that are based on the characteristics of what is being observed.

What type of graphs are used for qualitative observations?

circle graphs

What are the two types of observations that scientists can make?

Quantitative and Qualitative. :)