Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Quick way to get money on FireRed?

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go to island 4 or 5 get to resort gorgeous

make sure u have an amulet coin and attach it to ur strongest Pokemon , use the vs seeker on the ladies on the island

when u fight them they give about 20000 each!!

make sure the Pokemon with the amulet coin is fighting too

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What does the Amulet Coin in Pokemon FireRed do?

If the holder of the Amulet Coin enters battle, the money you get from defeating the trainer is essentially doubled. It is useful if you want to restock on money in a quick way.

How do you get money quick on Movie Star Planet?

There is no quick way to get money on Movie Star Planet.

Is it possible to get a quick ball in FireRed?

No, you cannot get a Quick Ball in the game. The Quick Ball wasn't introduced until Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which was released after FireRed.

What is a quick way to get money on YoVille?

i want to have 999999 at yoville on facebook when i take money and how i want an easy way

Easy money FireRed?

Only simple easy way is to get an coin amulet an fight trainers.

Where can you find Quick Claw in Pokemon FireRed?

Sex yourself

What is a quick way to get money in Plants vs Zombies?

go to your garden and water your plants

How much money is FireRed?


What is the best way to get 99 construction?

Have lots of money, there is no cheap way of doing it. If you are combat level 70+, try killing green dragons and selling their bones, this is a quick way of getting money.

How do you earn money quick for a horse?

Get a job of some sort. That's really the only way to "quickly" earn money for a horse.

What is a quick way for a teenager to get money?

Ask your parents to lend you money or do household chores in exchange for money (if your parents agree to that - they may expect you to do them anyway!) Also consider trying to get a part time job (although this may not be as quick as you hope).

How do you get infinite money in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant

How do you get infinite money in FireRed omega?

find out

Can you get arceus in firered?

There's no way because ARCEUS DOESNT EXIST in firered.

What all moves does Raichu learn in Pokemon firered?

- Thundershock - Tailwhip - Quick Attack - Thunderbolt

What attacks does Tyranitar learn in Pokemon FireRed?

For a quick list of Tyranitar's attacks, go to

Where to find Celebi on Pokemon FireRed?

The only way you can get Cerebi on FireRed is to use cheating devices.

Can you have all three starter in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes but the only way to get them is from another firered or leafgreen.

Is there a way to clone in Pokemon FireRed?

no, not that i know of

Where do you get Munchlax on FireRed?

there's somehow no way

Were do you get Rayquaza in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no way of getting it.

How do you get Dark Lugia on FireRed?

There is no possible way.

How do you move the Pokemon out of the way on FireRed?


How do you catch to the ship with out the ticket on firered?

there is no way

How can you get 1 billion gp for free on runescape?

There is no quick way to get a billion gp. You have to invest a lot of effort to earn the money.

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