Ras Cardo invented Reggae and Reggae Opera. Reggae was coined and created in 1962 whereas he created and coined Reggae Opera in 1964. Both creations were done by him while he was living in Trench Town?

Ras Cardo was the man who while living in Trench Town was the chief creator and architect of what the world now knows and enjoys as Reggae and Reggae music. He has the only true history of what it was all about during those trench town days.

Since then he has written many books of truths about it, has lectured and educated the world about it, and continues to enlighten those who try to steal his creation and that of the trench town people. He was a mentor, brethren, and close friend to all who the world now knows as -reggae legends- himself included, and those who came from those early trench town days along with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Joe Higgs, Junior Braithwaite and a host of others, both sung and unsung. He has written the first and only seminal book of reggae and its sung and unsung heroes. He has several published books and manuscripts to his credits. When one speaks of Reggae they speak of his creation. NO ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET CAN CLAIM HIS WORKS.

He is a spiritual rastaman, elder, and keeper of the ARK of truths of the reggae and Trench Town reggae covenant.

Ras Cardo created the music and genre to do good for the people especially the poor and disadvantaged in society. It is the spiritual muisc of the rastaman, but Reggae is more than the music message. it is the life and culture of a people. It is the works of Jah(God) for the people. He remains the living legend, pioneer, author, educator, spiritual rasta advisor, radiological expert, humanitarian, and advocate for all peoples including the trench town people. These reasons and more are why he created reggae.

He remains one of the leading force for truths in the medical sciences of radiology/radiography/radiological technology/diagnostic imaging sciences today. He has published books and articles to his credits. He also holds academic degrees including a doctorate in medical jurisprudence. Those who seek his consultations can reach him for service. He has volunteered his expertise online at www.Allexperts.com site helping people all over the world.