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This category is all about reggae that originated in the late 1960s in Jamaica evolving from the development of ska and rock steady but differentiated by its slow off-beat. Played on drums, horns and keyboards, its genres include skinhead reggae, Nyabhingi, Dub, Roots reggae, Rockers style, Sensi-beat, Sleng-Teng, Lovers rock, Ragga, Reggae fusion, Rumble and steppa.

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Reggae Music

How did UB40 get their name?

There is a form of paper work for unemployment called UB41. None of the band members had jobs or could get them so they all filed for unemployment. The money they got from it was used to start a band named after the form UB41. They didn't really get a good hit until Red Red Wine sometime in the '90s. I believe they are still preforming as a band, but have yet to have another hit as big as Red wine.

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Who is the richest jamaican reggae artist?

pretty sure that'd be me

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Como bajar musica de Ares gratis?

Puedes bajar el programa Ares. Lo instala y luego busca la música que te gusta por esta y si deseas bajar dj mixes te recomiendo esta página abajo en "related links".

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What do you call dancing to reggae music?

Bogling! A dance named after Jamaican Dancehall Master, Mr. Bogle. Most notably performed by the character Daisy Steiner in the BBC series "Spaced".

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What was the reggae song on the unloved?

If you're talking about the song during the Christmas party, played before "flower" by the charlatans, then I think it was "Party" by Durutti Column.

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Is chino y nacho Chinese?

NO there from Venezuela

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What are four main characteristics of reggae?

This answer is about traditional reggae or standard reggae, as it sounded between 1968 and 1985 and nowadays (among other things, to separate it from dancehall) is called roots reggae. The answer is also about international reggae. Therefore I do not enter the subject Rastafarian lyrics.

There is a dividing line between reggae and Western pop music. You can do reggae versions of all Western popular music songs, and all the reggae songs can be played as pop-, rock- etc. versions. You have a choice: do you want to hear reggae or western pop music? This is no joke, for those who like reggae often find themselves as they are a little (or a lot) outside the society or the System, or Babylon or Rome.

(1) Reggae is based on a rhythmic style characterized by accents on the off-beat, known as the skank. One guitar in reggae is the rhythm guitar. Many think that if you take away the rhythm guitar, the music no longer sounds like reggae. It usually plays the chords on beats two and four, a musical figure known as skank or the bang. It has a very dampened, short and scratchy chop sound, almost like a percussion instrument.

(2) Reggae drumbeats fall into three main categories: One drop, Rockers and Steppers. With the One drop, the emphasis is entirely on the third beat of the bar (usually on the snare, or as a rim shot combined with bass drum). Beat one is completely empty, which is unusual in popular music. With the Rockers beat, the emphasis is also on beat one (usually on bass drum). In Steppers, the bass drum plays four solid beats to the bar, giving the beat an insistent drive.

(3) The bass guitar plays a very dominant role in reggae, and the drum and bass together is often called the riddim (rhythm). Several reggae singers have released different songs recorded over the same riddim. The bass sound in reggae is thick and heavy, and equalized so the upper frequencies are removed and the lower frequencies emphasized. The bass line is often a simple two-bar riff that is centered around its thickest and heaviest note. The bass line in the Jamaican reggae band Toots & the Maytals' song 54-46 Was My Number is the most famous and sampled/stolen bass line in the world - it has been used in songs in movies from Bollywood to the Eurovision Song Contest.

(4) Reggae lyrics is noted for its tradition of social criticism (and among artists with Rastafarian beliefs is the solution to live in an "African Way" while waiting for the exodus to a spiritual or real homeland in Africa - Mount Zion in Ethiopia). Reggae is furthermore clearly anti-racist(which it not always was among rastafari-believing singers before 1975).

Although, many reggae songs discuss lighter, more personal subjects, and it can be about almost everything, themes which are not common in Western popular music: A man sees that the neighbor has wife and child and sings that he also has to get a woman who can give him a baby boy and a baby girl. A very popular song in the 1970s was about a bus that drove to death a goat, the goat was fried and all the bus passengers (who happened to be starving people from Kingston slums) got themselves a real meal. Many songs are about children who are working hard to help their families (usually the father is dead). Many reggae songs are about reggae, such as about music's healing power. Reggae Lyrics are almost always against party politics, but may be political in a different plane. There are many very beautiful and uplifting lyrics. A special sub-genre is called Lovers' Rock, and the themes are unrequited love, unhappy mood after separation or about successful sex experiences.

There are songs about riots, protests against street violence (especially in Kingston), songs that condemns alcohol and drugs (except marijuana). The perspective is becoming increasingly international when more and more reggae festivals are arranged around the world. Artists call the audience "the international reggae family," as if they were a separate tribe with people who believe in peace and universal oneness.

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Daddy Yankee

Does daddy Yankee any brothers or sisters?

yes he does have a brother and a sister

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What does the Bob Marley song 'No Woman No Cry' mean?

He's using a type of "pidgin" slang to say "No, please, woman, don't cry." Correct, 'nuh' is don't but why is he asking her not to cry?

He had been diagnosed with cancer, Rita broke down crying and he told her not to cry, look at where we have come from, the good times we have had, and the good friends we lost, everything will be alright.

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What instruments would you hear in reggae music?

Drums & Bass are the primary instruments driving "Da Riddim" & holding the melody. Guitars, Percussion, Organ, Piano, Melodica's, Horns & Vocals add sweetness to the track. Any instrument can be used in Reggae. Synthesizer & MPC Sampler's have been used a lot recently in the modern dancehall style.

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Who sings reggae song Give Me Love?

collie buddz

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Bob Marley
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How old was Bob Marley when he died?

Bob Marley died May 11, 1981, at age 36. (birthdate February 6, 1945)

He had a malignant melanoma that metastasized throughout his body and eventually killed him in 1981 at the age of 36.

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How does music such as reggae affect language?

Since there is so much of broken down English in most music lyrics, they have an effect on others to learn the Standard form of English and therefore resulting in poor English language speaking.

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Daddy Yankee

Who is Daddy Yankee's Wife?

Her name is Mirredys Gonzalez Ayala

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Apart from Bob Marley who Shot the Sheriff?

Eric Clapton

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How did Bob Marley die?

The reggae singer Robert Nesta Marley (1945-1981)died from cancer. which started in his toe and spread to his lungs and brain. A small section of his toe was removed in the initial stages in the hope of preventing the spread, but this was unsuccessful and Marley later had unconventional treatment in Germany. He died surrounded by his family in May of 1981.

Bob Marley died from Metastatic skin cancer on May 11, 1981. He was 36.

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How many times did Bob Marley get shot?

Why do you people keep saying he did not get shot? Bob Marley, as well as his wife and manager were all shot in an assassination attempt on Bob. He did not die from this, he died of cancer, but he did in fact get shot.

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Why is Bob Marley linked with a green red and yellow flag while the Jamaican flag is green black and yellow?

Green Yellow and red are the Ethiopian colors. Bob Marley really loved Ethiopia.

He supported the Rastafari religion that started when Jamaicans believed that Ethiopias king Haile Selassie, birth name Ras Tafari, was there messiah.

In Jamaica there was a huge drought, they hadn't had any rain, and when Haile Selassie went there, it started raining. That's how the religion, or way of life started. Haile Selassie said in an interview that he was not God and that nobody should worship him and he was Orthodox Christian. Shortly before his death Bob Marley converted to Orthdox Christian.

So the reason he uses those colors are because they represent Ethiopia, and Rastafari.

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How do you contact Rebecca Malope?

Rebecca Malope can be contacted either by facebook or e-mail

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What is the difference between Reggae and Calypso music?

Calypso originates from Trinidad while Reggae comes from Jamaica. Also, Calypso music has less vocals than Reggae. sometimes Calypso has a bass guitar as well.

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Did Bob Marley enjoy singing?

His family & his music was his life

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Did Bob Marley have a number 1 hit in Jamaica?


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Who is Travis Tmoney Ellis?

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Was Bob Marley knighted by Queen Elizabeth?

No he wasn't. His name is honor it's self.

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How did Sean paul die?

He didn't.


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