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1999 year list of student

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Q: Rastriya patrachar sansthan kanpur
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When was Kanpur created?

Kanpur was created in 1207.

Lead Bank of kanpur?

BANK OF BARODA is the lead bank of kanpur dehat & kanpur city

What is the area of Kanpur?

Kanpur, India - 1.63946247 × 109 sq meters

What is the kanpur's continent?

Kanpur is a city in India. It is located in Asia.

Btr result 2009 ordinance factory kanpur?


When was Kanpur Junction created?

Kanpur Junction was created in 1859.

When was Kanpur Central created?

Kanpur Central was created in 1930.

When was South Kanpur created?

South Kanpur was created in 1207.

What is the population of South Kanpur?

South Kanpur's population is 375,859.

When was Kanpur Cantonment created?

Kanpur Cantonment was created in 1778.

What is the population of North Kanpur?

North Kanpur's population is 1,000,000.

When was Kanpur Sangrahalaya created?

Kanpur Sangrahalaya was created in 1999.