Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Rate my two teams which i use for battle tower out of 10 one is Lucario Garchomp Rhyperior all lvl 50 and two is Dusknoir Torterra Luxray also lvl 50 so rate out of 10?

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2011-09-13 13:24:16

Lucario, Garchomp, and Rhyperior- Very good team...however,

Lucario is weak against a strong fighting type and fire type.

Garchomp and Rhyperior are weak against a strong ice type. One

powerful Walrein or Glalie could easily wipe them out. I rate this

one a 7.

Dusknoir, Torterra, and Luxray- Excellent team. Each Pokemon

covers eachothers weaknesses. These would definitely be my choices

for the Battle Tower. I rate this one a 10.

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