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Real name of Charles in x men?

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Prfofessor Charles Xavier Played by Patrick Stewart

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What is deadpool's real name in X-Men?

Deadpool's real name is Wade Wilson.

What is the name of the professor in the X-Men?

Charles Francis Xavier

What is the Mystique's real name?

Mystique from X-men: her real name is Raven

What is the name of the bald man on x men?

Professor X (Charles Xavier)

What is professor x full name in x men?

Professor Charles Francais Xavier

Is x men is real?

no the x-men is not real

What is Storm's real name in the X-Men movies?

Storm's real name in the X-Men films is Ororo Munroe. The character is played by Halle Berry.

What is Gambits real name from the X-Men?

Remy Etienne LeBeau

X-Men what is the name of the actor playing Professor Charles Xavier?

Patrick Stewart

What is kitty pryde's real name in X-Men the last stand?

Kitty Pryde is her real name her alias is Shadowcat. She was played in "X-men: The Last Stand" by Ellen Page.

Who is the leader of the X-Men?

Professer X ( Charles Francis Xavier) is the leader of the X-Men.

What is Logan real last name?

The wolverine's last name is Howett (who is in the X-Men)

Real name of gambit in x men?

Remy Etienne LeBeau

Who is the founder of x-men?

Charles Xavier

In X-men what is Gambit's real name?

Gambit's full name is Remy Lebeau.

What was Wolverine's human name in X-Men?

== == James Howlett was Wolverine's real name, but most of his friends called him Logan.

Which x-men character's real name is Scott summers?


Is johnny blaze Cyclops real name in the x men?

No, Johnny Blaze is GhostRider, Cyclops real name is Scott Summers.

Who is the cyclops character in X-Men?

His real name is Scott Summers and he is a mutant who can shoot lasers from his eyes.

Which x men character's real name is Scott summers?

Scott Summers is the true name of Cyclops.

What is Scott summers real name?

He is played by James Paul Marsden in X-Men

Who play Charles Xavier in X-Men?

The actor who plays Xavier in the X-Men movies is Patrick Stewart.

What name does wolverine go by in the x-men series?

he goes by Logan but his real name is James howlet

Which cartoon characters begin with X?

Xavier, Charles (X-Men)

Which movie Logan Erik Charles Raven Jean Scott and Ororoe in?

X-men X-men

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