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Usually just the person that owns the condo.

Review your governing documents to understand the qualifications for board membership in your particular community.

No two states establish the same requirements; as well condominium governing documents will vary wildly on this point.

During the declarant control period, when the project is new and the developer/ builder is still selling units, the declarant may have special rights of board appointment.

Reasonably, however, in established condominium communities, being an owner is generally a requirement. In many communities, being a resident is usually preferable, although it may not be required.
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How do you contact Condominium Associations directly?

A condominium association is the business entity involved in condominium ownership. The condominium association is usually a non-profit corporation, and is listed with the Secretary of State in the state where the condominium community is located.The Secretary of State's records are usually public records.As well, residents and owners of a condominium community should know who sits on the association's board of directors, and their contact details.You can also contact a condominium association through its property manager.

What are the duties of a trustee who has been elected in a condominium?

You can find the answer in your state's condominium law.In Washington State, for example, an elected board member has the responsibility to 'protect, maintain and enhance' the assets owned by the association.Go to your state's Web site and locate the state's condominium law.Then, specifically, your governing documents will expand on your state's documented duties and list the duties of a trustee or board member for your association.

How do you address an envelope to a condo?

You can address a letter to the board of directors of a condominium association, and use the mailing address of the association. This might be the president's address, or the address of the management company.

What has the author William D Clark written?

William D. Clark has written: 'Board service for the Florida community association' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Homeowners' associations, Condominium associations 'Managing the Florida homeowners' association' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Homeowners' associations, Condominium associations 'Managing the Florida condominium' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Condominium associations, Condominiums

How do you complain about a condo association?

An important first step is to read your governing documents to verify that you have a valid, legal complaint against the association, as opposed to simply not agreeing with the CC&Rs, the By-laws and other governing documents. A condominium association is usually a corporation. If you are an owner -- a member of the association/ corporation -- you can write to the board detailing your complaint. Then, request a position on a board meeting agenda, and request a discussion of your complaint in an open board meeting. Finally, request that the discussion and a board vote regarding your complaint become part of the meeting minutes. In some states and situations, condominium associations are non-profit corporations. Check your state law to more fully understand your options to pursue your complaint under state law. Be prepared to produce the documentation from the board meeting to support your complaint against the association.

Can a spouse serve on the board of directors of a condominium if his name is not on the deed?

You need to review the Master Deed to determine if the Board of Directors must be comprised of property owners. If that is the case then your spouse would not be eligible.

How do you remove condominium property management company?

Condominium associations are governed by: (1) State Law, (2) the documents creating the condominium, usually the Declaration of Condominium, and (3) the Bylaws of the Condominium Association.Often, a condominium association will hire a property management company to manage the day-to-day operations such as collecting assessments, paying routine bills, handling calls from unit owners, etc. The property management company will usually enter into a contract that outlines the duties and obligations of each party. That contract should contain terms including the length of the contract and methods of ending the contract early.As with any contract, there are other remedies based in contract law. For example, if the management company is not living up to their obligations in the contract, they may have "materially breached" the contract in a way that would allow the the association to terminate the contract due to that breach.Usually, a property management company will agree to terminate a contract where the arrangement is not working out. Of course, it is the association, not the property owners, who makes the decision to enter into a contract or what steps should be taken in the course of business.The Bylaws of the Association usually outline the structure of the governing body. This is usually a Board of Directors with several officers. The number of board members and how they are elected will be established by the bylaws. Often, the board will elect or appoint officers of the association such as a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.It will usually be up to the Board to make decisions regarding the hiring and firing of a property management. However, it is not unusual for a board to delegate such powers to the President of the Association.

Can a person on a condo board own the property management company?

It is apparently at least a conflict of interest if the board member owns the association management company hired by the condominium association to manage the condominium community.Review your governing documents that might address a board member's conflict of interest in such matters. You may find an answer there.Contact an attorney to discover whether or not this conflict of interest presents a legal issue in your location.

Who is liable for a fall sustained in a parking lot of a condo?

It's possible that the condominium association carries liability insurance. You can make your claim with the board of directors of the association, who will take it up with their insurance carrier.

Can a condominium association elect just one person to fill all offices of president secretary and treasurer?

The governing documents for your association hold the answer to this question.Best practices in condominium board work indicate that this is probably not a good idea, since there are no checks and balances available in conducting the business of the association if there is one person holding all the positions.

How much are condominium association accounts worth in the market?

If you are a vendor, selling services, a condominium association account can be valuable, because condominium association board members compare notes and discuss vendor quality among themselves.If you exceed in service delivery -- go the extra mile -- the association can report that you are a high-quality vendor worth considering.If, however, you under deliver, or fail to set expectations you can meet (or fail to meet expectations you set); if you act punitively or fail an association, your reputation can follow you throughout the geography.Condominium associations as a group are tight-knit and depend on each other to find the best vendors.

Do the members of the Board of Regents get paid?

If you mean a board member of a condominium association, a co-op or a home owners association, probably no. Read your governing documents to verify that regents/ board members cannot receive payment for services, especially if the source of revenue is assessments that all owners pay.

Can you rent a condo?

If you own a condominium, you may be able to rent it, depending on your governing documents. Your board or association manager can help you follow the process defined there. If you are a tenant looking for a situation, a condominium may be an option. A local realtor can help you.

How do you find Florida condominium and timeshare statues regarding election laws for the association?

You can find the specific answer you want in your governing documents. They include the CC&Rs, By-Laws and any board-approved Resolutions. You may also find details about association voting rights and responsibilities in board meeting minutes. Your governing documents have been written according to the condominium law in effect in the State of Florida. Added: Condominiums, homeowners associations and time shares are all separate legal entities and are covered under separate statutes. For the condo regulations see the below link:

Are there pets allowed in Bay Point Condos in Marblehead Ohio?

The governing documents, which you can obtain from an owner or board member, define the pet policy for this condominium association.

What is the Maryland law regarding limited parking in a condominium parking lot?

States are not involved in the operations of amenities owned by common interest community associations.If you have strong feelings about limited parking in your condominium lot, make your wishes known to the board and bring up the topic for discussion in an open board meeting.

What is proper fitness center etiquette in a condominium regarding the use of fans?

Please ask your co-op board at your next meeting or staff at the fitness center.

How do you get answers to questions regarding condo laws in Fl?

Your answer depends on the questions that you ask. General state and local regulations can be answered by your local chapter of Community Associations Institute, below. Questions you have about a condominium where you reside or own property are available in your governing documents, from board members or from your association manager.

Can a condo maintenance company be fired by the owners?

Usually vendors are contracted with condominium communities by the board of directors or by the property management company. Owners can document complaints and take them to the board, but it's up to the board to disconnect from a vendor under contract to the association.

Do Condominium associations have to have A Board of directors?

Yes, many (and maybe all) condominium associations have boards of directors. This style of real estate ownership -- an association -- is a business. The business is properly registered with the Secretary of State (the location of the community) as a corporation, usually a non-profit. Business require boards of directors in order to operate the business of the association.

What is the role of a condominium association board president?

You can take a free, online course that will help you understand the fundamentals of association leadership, using the link, below.Otherwise, your duties and responsibilities are also detailed in the governing documents of the association where you serve as president of the board.The free course will give you broad basics; your governing documents will give you the particulars of your presidency.

Can wage garnishment be applied for delinquent maintenance payment for condominium owners?

Read your governing documents to determine the steps the board takes in order to recover the debt from an owner who does not pay association assessments. Your association attorney can best advise you.

How long is the term of a condo board member in Florida?

Read your governing documents to determine the length of term for each officer or director on your condominium board. This is the place to find this answer, regardless of where the condominium board operates.

What is the difference between being board eligible and certified?

what is the difference between being board "eligible" and board "certified" ?

Can a condominium association evict a tenant of an owner in Maryland?

The governing documents for the condominium association, known as Covenants, Rules, Regulations and Restrictions (CC&Rs), the associated By-laws and any Board Resolutions constitute the steps and processes involved in an eviction process.As well, there may be state laws regarding eviction that must be followed in order to evict anyone from any type of real estate.No two condominiums are exactly alike, regardless of where they are located. One of the things that makes them unique is the governing documents.