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Remains somewhat aloof?

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working today's crossword puzzle?? i believe the answer to be "coolish"

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What does mugwumps mean?

A person who remains aloof or independent, especially from party politics.

What personality is the rhino?

Due to the fact that rhinos have very poor eye sight,they tend to be aloof and somewhat cranky.

What is the synonym and antonym of aloof?

A synonym for aloof is apart. An antonym of aloof is friendly.

How do you sse the word aloof in a sentence?

Her aloof attitude didn't allow many people to like her.

Aloof in a sentence?

My sister has an aloof personality.

Abstract noun for aloof-?


What is is a sentence for aloof?

She was aloof from the rest of the guests. He stood aloof to avoid having to talk with anyone.

What is aloof in Tagalog?

aloof in Tagalog: walang pakialam

What part of speech is the word aloof?

Aloof is an adjective.

What is a seven letter word for aloof?

Distant is a synonym for aloof.

What is an aloof person?

An aloof person is one who keeps their distance from people.

What is the noun form of aloof?

The noun form for the adjective aloof is aloofness.

What rhymes with roof?

Aloof, goof, poof, spoof, Words that rhyme with roof include: goof, hoof, proof, poof, woof, aloof...aloof, spoof, proof, goofpoofaloof, poof,

What does it mean to love someone that's aloof?

Aloof means cool. So,to love someone aloof, means to love someone cool.

What is the opposite of aloof?

The opposite of aloof (haughty) could be sociable, amiable, or gregarious.

Use aloof in a sentence?

Never aloof your cousin or else he will framan u.

What is a sentence that describes the word aloof?

the new boy felt aloof from his classmates.

What is Hamlet's response to these actions of laertes?

Which of Laertes' actions are we talking about? His leaping into Ophelia's grave? His statement that in terms of honour he remains aloof? His stabbing Hamlet with an unbated sword?

Who is Aloof Arahan?

Aloof Arahan is a human, born in poor family structure in Nepal. Aloof Arahan has the ability of Psychology, Philisophy, Counselling, Education, and more than we explain.... But only few of people know of Aloof Arahan.

What are three antonyms of aloof?

Three antonyms for the word 'aloof' are concerned, friendly, or sociable.

How do you use aloof in a sentence?

Jace can seem aloof sometimes, but he's just quiet.

Put aloof in a sentence?

He was not wanting to play with the other children, preferring to be aloof instead.

How do you make a sentence with aloof?

Maxine wished that her colleagues would be friendlier, but they remained aloof.

Is families are part of capitalism?

Capitalism is a method where by national finaces are sstructured. Capitalism by it very nature remains aloof from any thing but making a profit. so it has nothing to do with families.

Sentence for aloof?

The cat was often aloof, always walking into the other room when guests arrived.