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Removing virus from BIOS?

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It IS Impossible that there could be a Virus on your BIOS What exactly is happening that you come to the conclusion that this is the case?

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Your BIOS has been corrupted by a virus how can you fix it?

If your BIOS has been corrupted by a virus, it can be fixed by re-flashing the BIOS with a clean firmware. This will completely re-write the chip and return it to operation.

Is it possible to remove the bios battery on dell vostro 3300 to remove the bios admin password?

No, removing the bios battery on a laptop will not reset bios settings.

What are the signs of bios virus attack?

Signs of a BIOS virus attack include failure to boot, changes to settings, and slow speeds. BIOS viruses are relatively rare due to modern safeguards.

What is name of the virus which destroy bios?


Can a computer Virus destroy BIOS settings?


Can virus affect bios?

Computer viruses mostly affect the operating system. I havent heard of any instance where virus affected BIOS settings. Although there are chances.

How do you reset the bios password on a zinox laptop?

by removing cmos battery

What is difference between scanning virus and removing virus?

Scanning virus only help to find the virus inside your computer disks, but do no other actions, virus is still in your computer. But Removing virus not only find it, but also remove the virus from your computer. Thus no such virus will remain in your computer after that.

How do you get rid of the Conficker virus?

I found the solution - special program for Conficker virus removing. Here you can find all information about this virus and ways for it removing.

What chip allows the BIOS to be upgraded without removing it from the motherboard?

Eeprom (pf)

How do you get rid of the conflicker virus?

I found the solution - special program for Conficker virus removing. Here you can find all information about this virus and ways for it removing. Enjoy it.

How do you delete BIOS password through command with-ought removing CMOS battery?

how can i break bios password without remove cmos battery

What are the origins of the 'removing broadens yours' virus?

The origin of the "removing broadens your" virus is from Ukraine. It is a virus that will erase files completely and quickly, and therefore, prompt action is needed in its removal.

What is the function of the BIOS battery?

The function of a bios battery is basically to reset your bios if something goes wrong and you corrupt it. Bios batteries usually contain a little bit of information on them. Therefore, when you remove a bios battery, it goes back to default settings. **Note** removing a bios battery is usually a last resort to reset your bios. There are several other ways to reset your bios such as a jumper cable or (included in some never motherboards,) a reset bios switch.

Which Bios system password must be enter before system will boot?

if you don't know what the password is you will have to reset the bios by tripping a jumper or removing the watch battery on the motherboard.

What is the name of the chip that allows the BIOS to be upgraded without removing it from the mother board?

Eeprom (pf)

Ways of removing computer virus?

Neutralizing it and deleting it. Some anti virus software does this automatically.

Can a virus infect the BIOS of a computer?

yes - If the BIOS of your computer is infected then, since it is hard-coded (firmware) on a chip, you could have irreparable damage. Also most anti-virus programs work within your operating system (Windows or MacO/S) so they don't detect BIOS infections. The only way to repair your BIOS is, if it can be, to Flashit. This is the process used to update the firmware on your BIOS chip. Check your computer or motherboard manufacturer to obtain the flash application, and the instructions for running it. Flashing the BIOS should place a new, uninfected version of firmware on the chip.

Can a virus affect the BIOS of a computer system?

Usually NO, because the BIOS is in some type of ROM.However with manufacturers switching to EEPROM or Flash to store the BIOS (to permit updates without having to replace parts) there may be a small potential that some virus programmer may find a way to infect certain BIOSs on some computers.

Once the virus has been detected and put into the virus chest if you delete it is the virus gone?

If you mean the 'Quarantine' section of an anti-virus software by 'Virus Chest', then after removing it from there, it is permanantly gone....

How do you remove fake viruses?

Removing virus is a difficult job, you can install anti-virus software to remove it

Your bios config is not changeswhen you open your bios the sysytem will be shutdown in 10 secondswhat is problem n how to solve it?

sounds like you have a virus m8, check out symantecs website for more info

Which CMOS functions should be disabled when performing an operating system upgrade?

BIOS virus detection functions

What five solution for removing a virus from a computer?

Your best bet would be to just take the computer to Staples and have them remove the virus.

If your BIOS has been corrupted by a virus how can you fix it?

The real question is, how do you know your BIO's have a virus?If for some reason they really are corrupt. You will have to flash the firmware. If that's not possible the get another motherboard.