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ear Pizza

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Q: Repairing yellow grass to green grass?
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Why is grass green and not pink, yellow, or blue?

wWhy wouldnโ€™t the grass be green?

How can you turn yellow grass green?

water it

How do you turn yellow grass into green?


What makes grass turn green to yellow?

Grass changes from green to yellow when it dies because of lack of sunshine or water the moisture in the grass will evaporate and that dries it up and as the grass dies it changes coulors

How can you get your yellow grass to turn green again?

Water it .(:

Why is grass green instead of blue?

Well, the grass is green because the sky is blue and the sun is yellow so mix them together and you get GREEN!!!

How do you make yellow grass green?

Look after it more and water it

If the sky is blue what color is the ground?

Green if it is the grass and yellow grass if it is dehydrated. Brown if its muddy

Why green and yellow for Australian colors?

the season why is because we have lots of grass and the yellow is from the sun and its brightness

How do cows tell the grass is green?

The smell of fresh grass, and their ability to see in yellows and blues (in the colour spectrum, yellow + blue = green). Mostly cows can tell if the grass is green fresh by using their noses.

What does the saying The Grass is green but also yellow mean?

Stems from the saying, 'The grass is greener on the other side.' As in, this is true that the grass on the other side may indeed be greener, but the other side is also yellow. The other choice (the greener grass) has it's own set of problems and things that could go wrong (symbolizes the yellow that is mixed in the green grass). Hope I helped.

How can you turn green grass yellow?

Other than by painting it yellow, all you have to do is cover it up, and the green chlorophyll pigment will fade. Grass under temporary swimming pools usually turns yellow and may begin to ferment (rot). Grass that stores its pigment during the winter usually turns brown (tan) rather than yellow.

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