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Replacing Fuel filter for 1997 Malibu?

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2006-08-24 14:41:28

I own a 1997 Chevy Malibu LS 3.1Lit. V6 engine and the best way

I found to change the fuel filter is to pay the $25 and let your

local automotive repair facility do the job. This is based on the

facts of: If it's the original filter then you need a tool which

will run from $8-$12 to disconnect the filter on the inlet side

which I found out would not fit due to space limitations on the

filter itself. You can disconnect the outlet side, let the filter

hang by the flexible inlet line and cut the filter with some dikes

to allow the use of the special tool. The filter is weak metal and

will cut easy and your going to place a new one in any way. While

under the rear of the car where you'll be working, you'll have

little to no room to work if you don't place the car on jacks. They

may tell you that you'll need a special size wrench for the outlet

of the filter, but any medium sized adjustable wrenches will work

just fine. I probably did what most would say is wrong, but I

slowly disconnect the outlet fittings and let the fuel drain to a

small bucket. It was under no pressure and maybe got around 8-12

ounces of fuel. Please wear safety glasses and ensure the car is

cold for safety reasons. Ensure that the new filter has what they

call disconnect tabs on the inlet side so that in the future you

will not need the ONE time special tool to disconnect it. By the

way, the fuel filter is located by the gas tank just forward of the

rear axle tucked up by the floor panel. I hope this information

will help any one willing to do the job yourself. Good Luck!

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