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how to replace a 1998 Mazda millenia alternator

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Q: Replacing alternator for 1998 Mazda millenia?
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How do I fix my 1998 Mazda Millenia that won't find reverse sometimes unless I restart the car?

i have the same problem with my Mazda millenia 2001

How do you replace the alternator on a 1998 Volvo S70?

were should i satart when replacing the alternator in a Volvo s70 1998 were should i satart when replacing the alternator in a Volvo s70 1998

How do you diconnect the alarm on a 1998 Mazda Millenia?

Ask its owner for the key.

How many Intake Manifold Gasket has Mazda millenia 2.3 1998 have?

6 gaskets

Where is the horn on a 1998 Mazda millenia?

pretty sure its under the passenger side head light

Where is the transmission filter for a 1998 Mazda Millenia located?

most likely in side the transmission pan

How do you hot wire a 1998 Mazda millenia?

How do I hot wire my mazda millennia not for illegal reasons. I lost my key and need to get my car home

What is the cost of a duplicate or spare key for a 1998 Mazda Millenia?

a few dollars at your local hardware store.

Where is the alternator for a 1998 Mazda 626?

The positive battery terminal cable will always run to the alternator- just follow it down.

Where can you buy a chrome wheel for your 1998 Mazda Millenia S?

Try: E-Bay Salvage Yard Dealer

Why is your new alternator not charging your new battey on your 1998 Mazda 626?

It may be a bad new alternator or it was not connected properly. Have the alternator tested to see if it is actually good.

Why does a 1998 Mazda 626 engine rev when in park?

I had the same issue with a 1990 Mazda 626 and replacing the timing belt cured it.

Why won't a 1998 Nissan Pathfiner not start after replacing the battery?

It could be the alternator or an electrical issue

Removing front brake rotors on 98 Mazda millenia?

Tap on your 1998 Mazda brake rotors with a hammer or mallet until they become loose. The brake rotors will simply slide off.

How do you change the distributor on a 1998 Mazda millenia?

Not sure what you are asking. It is a fairly easy removal and replacment with common tools and can be done in your garage.

How do you change alternator belt on a 1998 Mazda 626?

To change the alternator belt on a 1998 Mazda 626 you need to first loosen the bolt that is located in the center of the adjustment pulley. Next, turn the adjustment bolt to the left until the belt is loose and can be removed. Reverse the steps to replace with the new belt.

What is the warranty on a 1998 Mazda Millenia S catalytic converter?

8 years/80k Expired unless this has been parked for a few years

How do you put on Serpentine belt on a 1998 Mazda protege?

This year Mazda protege does not have a serpentine belt. It has two belts, one for the alternator/water pump, and the other for the power steering and a/c.

Why does the battery light stay on when a Mazda protege 1998 is running?

You have a problem with the charging system. More than likely the alternator has failed.

Your heat doesnt work on your 1998 Mazda millenia It is not the heater core or the thermostat what els can it be Fan works also?

Disconnect battery cable for about 3 minutes than reconnect.

Will a 2001 Mazda 626 engine fit in a 1998 Mazda 626?

Not necessarily. Mazda's designs change every year so it might be larger, smaller, or shaped differently. If you're replacing an engine, you might want to take it to a professional.

What is the motor oil capacity for 1998 Mazda Millenia?

My book (Mazda Owner's Manual) says 4 liters/4.2 quarts, for a 2.5L Millenia, with a filter. The book also states that it is 3.7 liters/3.9 quarts w/o filter. The 2.3L Millenia is 4.1 lit/4.3 qt w/filter, and 3.8 lit/4 qts w/o filter. >>>>From page 9-4 of the manual which was supplied with the car.

Why would the battery light of a 1998 Ford Escort still flicker on and off after replacing the battery?

Clean both battery cables and check the connections on the alternator. If it continues, go to auto zone and have the alternator checked.

Is replacing the belt tensioner on a 1998 Mazda Protege an easy do-it-yourself job?

It is not easy. You may want to get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM and it will tell you how.

Mazda 626 1998?

how do i troubleshoot my 1998 Mazda 626 distributerless no spark

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