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Any LS head should fit (b18b) as long as its not a GSR head you shouldn't have any problems

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 13:30:41
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Q: Replacing head on 95 ls what years will fit?
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Will the head from a 95 s10 2.2 fit a 98 s10 2.2?

no the 98 is different

Will the head from a 95 cavalier fit on a 94 2.2 sonoma?

Yes, Same engine.

What years of transmissions will fit a 95 dodge ram 4x4?


Will a 99 geo tracker soft top fit a 1995 model?

No, the 99 top won't fit a 95. The years that are interchangable are 89-94, 95-98 and 99-03.

What other years to a 1995 Jeep Wrangler hardtop fit?

87 thru 95 and cj tops should fit.

Will a 97 mirage 1.5L cylinder head fit on a 95 mirage 1.5L?

It most definitely does not. The 97 is 180 degrees inverted from the 95. Completely different.

Which years will fit a 1995 Buick 3800 engine?

years from 89-99 the 95 3800 will fit those cars will even fit into the olds royale series same engine good luck!

Will a soft top from a 1997 Jeep Wrangler fit a 1993 model?

No, the top will not fit. Years 87 thru 95 are YJ. Years 97 thru 06 are TJ.

What year model of jeep hardtops will fit a 1995?

The 1987-95 bodystyle was identical in those years, any of those should fit

How many days are in 95 years?

About 34699 days in 95 years (depending on leap years in the 95 years).

What year models fit on the rear or side window for a 95 Camry?

'95 Camry fit.

How many years in 95 years?

About 34699 days in 95 years (depending on leap years in the 95 years).

How much does a blown head gasket cost for 95 accord?

Depends on who does the repair and where you live. Expect to pay at least $600 or more. It also depends on the condition of the head which may be warped or cracked and need replacing.

Will a 95 z24 bumper fit a 95 cavalier?


What year transmissions will fit a 95 Tahoe?

only a 95

Will a 95 Crown Victoria engine fit into a 96 Crown Victoria body?

Yes. Will a 97 fit into a 95

Does a 99 Camaro fornt end fit a 95 Camaro?

does a 99 camaro fornt end fit a 95 camaro

Will a 95 Chevy Blazer grill and headlights fit on a 96 Chevy Blazer?

Fit 96 grill in 95 blazer

Will a 95 mustang convertible windshield fit a 95 coupe?


Will a 95 camaro gas tank fit in a 95 firebird?


94 S-10 2.2 with a bad 5-sp trans will a 5 sp trans from a 96 fit?

No. I recently had mine replaced, and they are the hardest ones to find...the only years that will fit are the 94 and the 95 2.2L trannys. That's the only two years they were made and only years that will fit.

Would the latch of 93 Nissan 240sx fit on a 95 Nissan 240sx?

no different door the 93 will fit small on the 95

Will a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am head light assembly fit in a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am?

yes it will i have swiched the head light assemblies on my car from a 95 grand am and yhey were same but you may need to adjust the head lights after you intsall it

What other years does a 1987 wrangler hardtop fit?

87 thru 95 are all the same, possibly CJ too.

Will a 95 civic hatchback bumper fit on a 95 civic sedan?


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