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Right power door lock stopped working 2002 Chevy trailblazer?


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2009-06-03 09:10:36
2009-06-03 09:10:36

I have the exact same problem right now with a 2004 trailblazer... any discoveries?

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Left and right stopped working? Check the fuse and/or the flasher relay. Only the left or the right stopped working? Check the bulbs.

Possibilities: * the bulb is burned out * the fuse is bad * the wires leading to the headlight are broken * the pos and neg wires are shorted.

If it stopped working then you would die. You wouldn't die if you were put on the a machine right away.

On the 4.3l trailblazer the horn is located inside the right fender hidden right behind the battery.

The dashboard switch to the lower right side of the stearing column. If it's not there then you do not have 4WD.

Ac not working no power ac eletric fuse

On the Passenger side of the engine right behind the heater hose. the electrical connector is on the top of valve cover in the rear

They take 6 qts, but I'm too lazy right now to convert that.

The thermostat is located below the alternator on the drivers side. The coolant sensor is right above the thermostat.

It is best for the vehicle if you are at a complete stop, put the trailblazer in neutrail, turn the selection knob to your right to whichever setting you would like, wait for it to engage, then put it in drive and take off!

They stopped campaigning for the right to vote and started to help contribute to the war effort by working in munitions factories. They stopped campaigning for the right to vote and started to help contribute to the war effort by working in munitions factories.

the air box by the right headlight has three quarter turn screws remove, lift up ,and replace. easy

There may be several problem to that, did you install it right, is your computer fast enough to run it, etc. To get a better answer you need to identify why its not working or give some examples of how its not working.

Pull up the shift boot, on the right rear of the shifter body is a button that you press in and hold while you shift into gear.

you will need car model,year and engine size to get the correct waterpump with that information any auto store will supply the right one

It's behind the alternator; screwed to the block right above the thermostat. Good luck removing it. You need to remove the alternator.

right on the valve cover under the air inlet hose and manifold. indiviual coil packs per cylinder. easy to change.

The smog pump is located under the vehicle, on the drivers side, bolted to the frame rail, right under the drivers seat area

It's right behind the glove box. However you must be sure that it is not he fuse or the blower motor resistor that has gone out on you first. You can test the blower motor with 12V power as that is what it gets on high speed. Trailblazer enthusiasts forum.

They don't have any right now most of the hack are on haitus or stopped working on it.

A turn signal not working on a 92 Chevy Lumina may be out because of a burnt out bulb. If you replace the bulb and it is still not working, the turn signal switch may need to be replaced. You can get the switch replaced by a mechanic.

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