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There are no special risks in getting pregnant after stopping depo provera. There is no need to wait to conceive.

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Q: Risks involved in becoming pregnant after Depo-Provera?
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What are your chances of getting pregnant after a C-section?

Having a C-section does not reduce your risks of becoming pregnant. You have a chance that is just as good as any other.

What are the risks of using a steam room?

There are risks involved with using a steam room. This includes heat stroke, dehydration, and birth defects if the woman using the room is pregnant.

What risks are associated with D and X?

associated emotional reactions.heavy bleeding.blood clots.damage to the cervix or uterus.pelvic infection.incomplete abortion.Possible long-term risks include difficulty becoming pregnant or carrying a future pregnancy to term.

What are the risks involved in a vaginal piercing?

what are the risks involved in a vaginal piercing

If a girl hockey player is pregnant does she get a break?

This would be left up to the player, her doctor, and her coach to decide. In most cases it depends on the risks involved.

Can pregnant women eat cold shrimp?

can pregnant women eat shrimp Answer: No, it is not advisable for pregnant women to eat shrimp. There are too many risks involved with seafood - one common risk is that the food could be contaminated with bacteria.

Is there any risks for pregnant women and their babies?

No their is no risks

Can you get pregnant over 40?

Yes but it's harder. You only have 20% of your eggs left and there are more risks involved, like haivng a baby with Down's syndrome.

What risks are involved by doing the floating egg in salt water experiment?

There are no serious/significant risks involved in the experiment.

Dating too early in life carries its own risks including a greater likelihood of?

Interfering with the development of your own identity, becoming pregnant as a teenager, and contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

What are the risks of a successful pregnancy with an IUD?

Very poor! Have it removed before thinking about becoming pregnant. Once you have the IUD removed, the statistics are the same for getting pregnant and having a normal pregnancy as if you had never used a contraceptive. If you already are pregnant, you may need to terminate the pregnancy. Please see your doctor!!!

What risks are involved with importing cars?

There are a great many risks that can be involved when importing cars. Damage to the car is one concern.

What are some of the risks involved in liposuction?

As with all medical procedure risks are also involved with liposuction. Some of the risks include infection, swelling, burns, fluid imbalance and embolism.

What are the chances of getting pregnant at 44 years old?

A lot of women manage to do it. However there are extra risks involved for both the woman and the child. it would be best to consult an appropriate physician on this because every person is different and therefore has different risks to deal with.

Are there any health risks becoming pregnant 1 month after having had a miscarriage?

I would not think so as long as the miscarriage was complete. Let your doctor know as soon as you find out you are pregnant again and let them know your history of miscarriage. THey can monitor you more closely.

Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend puts his sperm on his finger then puts inside of you?

Yes, you could get pregnant You can also become infected with a sexually transmitted disease this way. If your boyfriend has so little consideration for you as to take such risks like this (the possiblity of becoming pregnant or giving you an STD), you may need to re-think your relationship with him.

What risks are involved with a facelift?

"There are many risks involved with facelifts, depending on the selection. Such risks include permanent scarring, fatigue, muscle spasms, inability to play basketball, and in some cases death."

You have Mirena coil in situ and pregnant What is risks?


What are the risks of having genital warts and getting pregnant?

There will be minimal risks; go talk to your doctor for your best plan getting pregnant and during pregnancy.

What are the risks involved in having a hysterectomy?

The risks involved with having a hysterectomy involve general surgical risks. There is also the possibility for post surgical bleeding, damage to the urethra which could cause difficulty urinating and damage to the surrounding organs.

What risks are involved with using iron-59?

There are plenty of risks Try getting cancer arr scary

What are the risks involved with having heart surgery?

The risks involved with having heart surgery are endless, and there is no real way to identify all the risks involved. A few of the risk are: bleeding, abnormal heart rate,Ischemic heart damage, death, blood clots, stroke, and blood loss.

What are some risks of becoming an artist?

messing up

What are the different types of risks involved in a business and how to overcome such risks?

The major risks involved in a business are : 1) Competition 2) Credit giving 3) damages and losses

Are there risks involved with being a chef?

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