Robert Pattinson takes drugs

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Q: Robert Pattinson takes drugs
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Who is better Michael Jackson or Robert Pattinson?

Robert Pattinson is way better actor!But in singing Micheal Jackson takes it all!This is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Robert Pattinson's type?

he jokes that he likes women with chiseled abs but admits he takes what he can get

Does Kristen Stewart drink smoke and do drugs?

She smokes, but i don't know if she takes drugs. she smokes pot with her boyfriend Robert and does not take drugs

Is Robert Pattinson cute in person?

actually Robert is more than cute he is so hott witt his sweet smile and gorgeous hair aww he takes my breath away

Does Robert Pattinson live in England or US?

Robert Pattinson was born in England and he travels from one to the other. He shoots the twilight movie around the u.s.a area and places in Vancouver and comes back to England for breaks. Sometimes he takes Kristen Stewart with him. He goes to England for a break! :)

What does Robert Pattinson look for in a girlfriend?

Robert doesn't have a type. He just takes what he gets. But he has admitted that he likes girls that are "nuts". I guess he likes girls that are down-to-earth, nice- he doesn't really go for the looks.

Did Robert Pattinson admit to not washing his hair?

yes if u wanna see him accually doing it go on and put rob pattinson admiting not washing his hair on tna and there's ur proof! no, he always takes a shower..................with me................... - Kristen Stewart

Dose Hannah Montana Takes drugs?

does Hannah Montana takes drugs

What is the song from the menu of twilight?

I think you are asking about the song that is playing on the scene of Twilight when Edward takes Bella to dinner after saving her in Port Angeles. After say all this... The song is "NEVER THINK" by ROBERT PATTINSON!!!, yes, yes I say ROBERT PATTINSON :D (ok, I know u r not asking but, the song that is playing afther Edward saves Bella (AGAIN) from James is also of ROBERT PATTINSON. "LET ME SING" I just looooove his voice! xoxo, A. Burton-Cullen-Black (LOL!!!)

What song did Robert Pattinson compose on twilight?

He composed 'Never think' and 'Let me sign' which is played at the scene where Edward takes Bella to dinner after she gets attacked by some guys and he saves her.

Did Justin Bieber ever do drugs?

It is unknown if he takes drugs or not.

Who will play Edward in new moon?

Robert Pattinson sweetie. Who else? Yeah, no one does a SINGLE job like he does. he is soooooooooooo HOT!!!!! Besides if anyone takes the role of Edward it has 2 be Pattinson!!! Everyone else who tried for Edward is lame. Take Zac Efron for instance, the fat loser!

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