Rock of WWE?

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yes the rock did make his return in the wwe on raw to be the guest host of wrestlemania 27 todays rock in the company seems to be John Cena

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Q: Rock of WWE?
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When did the rock leave WWE?

The Rock left WWE in 2004

Does the rock wrestle in WWE?

The Rock did wrestle in WWE but in 2004 he retired from WWE. The Rock is set to be a future guest host on Monday Night RAW

When will WWE come to little rock?

when will wwe come back to little rock arkansas

Is the Rock in the WWE hall of fame?

The Rock is not in the Wwe Hall of Fame but he is in a class called Alumni.

Will rock return to wwe?

No he is a sell out. He will NEVER return to the WWE.

Is the rock going to be a WWE superstar?

He is already a WWE Superstar

When is the rock going to retern to WWE?

he isn't returning to the wwe

Is the rock staying at WWE?

yes he is staying in wwe but not to wrestle

Why is the rock back in WWE?

Because the WWE Universe loves him.

Who is the WWE chimpion?

The wwe champion right now is the rock.

Who is the manager of WWE?

The Rock

Is the rock a WWE champion?

no i am

Why rock leave the WWE?

The rock left wwe to do movies but rumors are going around that he might return to smackdown.

Is the rock in wwe 2012?

The Rock is officially an unlockable superstar in WWE 12 , but can be gained if you pre-order the game.

Why did the rock come back to the WWE?

Because the WWE Universe loves him.

Will the rock return to WWE for good?

The Rock will most likely be staying in the WWE because he challenged John Cena to a match at WrestleMania XXVIII, which is rumored to be for the WWE Championship.

Is the rock hard oR STONE COLD?

The rock hard because he beat stone cold in 2002 and the rock won by three rock bottom and peoples elbow and the rock is the wwe hardest wrestlerin wwe

When will the Rock Come Back to the WWE?

There has been no mention of Rge Rock ( Dwayne Johnson ) returning to the WWE anytime soon.

What is the code for the rock on WWE 12?

Theres no code, you just need to buy the game with The Rock or download him at the WWE Shop.

What is the age of rock in WWE?

The Rock is 39 years old.

How old is the rock from WWE?

The Rock is 38 so far

Will the rock win the WWE at WrestleMania?

Yea rock will win

What does the rock say on WWE raw?

Can you smell what The Rock is Cookin

Is WWE rock dead?

The Rock is not dead. He is still alive.

When does the rock return to the WWE?

The Rock made his return on 14th Feburary WWE Raw. Check out the detailed report at