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Romeo and Juliet act 2 when is the wedding of romeo and Juliet to be held?

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The wedding between Romeo and Juliet occurs just after the end of Act II

The wedding of Juliet and Paris.

It's in there, Act II. It is the Friar's cell between Romeo and Juliet and the Friar.

my grave is like to be my wedding bed

In act four the Capulets are preparing for a wedding. In act one they are preparing for a party. Romeo and Juliet and the nurse make preparations to sneak Romeo into Juliet's bedroom in act three. In act two they make preparations for their wedding. In Act 4 Juliet also makes preparations for her fake death and in act 5 Romeo makes preparations to kill himself. All in all, they do a lot of preparing.

In Act 4, everyone is running around making wedding preparations when we know that there will be no wedding.

In Act IV of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo has been exiled to Mantua for killing Tybalt, but he and Juliet are still married. Her father (unaware) is determined to marry her to Paris. As wedding plans ensue, Juliet plots with Friar Laurence to fake her death. Romeo returns in Act V to find her apparently dead.

They are both in Act 1 Scene 5 (the party scene), Act 2 Scene 2 (the balcony scene), Act 2 Scene 6 (the wedding), Act 3 Scene 5 (the morning after the wedding night), and Act 5 Scene 3 (the last scene)

Act 4 of Romeo and Juliet is all about Juliet's proposed marriage to Paris.

Act I Scene V. Romeo goes to a masquarade party held by Capulet and manages to kiss Juliet, who thinks he is Paris.

At the end of act 2, Romeo And Juliet are about to get married!

Juliet says to the Nurse, "If he be married, My grave is like to be my wedding bed."

Capulet's decision to have the wedding sooner so Juliet will be safely and happily married.

Act II of Romeo and Juliet is all about how their love deepens and they decide to marry, ending with the wedding itself. The Nurse, in this Act, is a facilitator and go-between, carrying messages from Romeo to Juliet and paving the way for their marriage. She also warns Romeo that he had better be sincere, since she doesn't want her Juliet to be hurt by him. She also teases Juliet by withholding Romeo's message from her although it is clear that Juliet is desperate to hear it.

about romeo and juliet falling in love.

Romeo and juliet planning to get married

Capulet and Paris are making wedding plans for Juliet, unaware that she is already married.

He is making arrangements for his wedding to Juliet, just as Romeo did in Act 2.

Everyone is in a mad rush to get the wedding preparations finished in time when we know that there will be no wedding.

Romeo, Juliet, Paris and Lady Montague

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