Sand is the oxide of what element?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Silicon. Its chemical formula is SiO2.

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Q: Sand is the oxide of what element?
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Sand is mainly the oxide of this element?

Sand is the oxide of what element?

Is iron oxide a element?

No. It is not. Iron is an element. Oxygen is an element. Iron Oxide is a compound.

Is aluminum oxide an element?

No, aluminum oxide is not an element. Indeed, nothing called an "oxide" can be an element, as this term indicates that the substance is combined with oxygen and is therefore a compound, not an element.

Is zinc oxide am element or a compound?

Is Zinx Oxide an Element or a Compound - Compound

Is sand and iron an element?

Sand is NOT an element. Iron IS an element.

Is wet sand an element?

No sand is not a element.

Is rust an element of iron and oxygen called iron oxide?

Rust is not an element but compounds of iron. The brown oxide of iron is ferrous oxide and the black oxide of iron is ferric oxide.

Why is it that oxide is a compound not an element?

Oxygen is the element. It's a compound because the oxygen bonds with another element to form an oxide.

Is mercury oxide an element?

No, mecuric oxide is a compound

How can you make oxide?

Burn the element in oxygen and you get the oxide

Is silver oxide an element?

No, it isn't. Silver Oxide is a compound. Silver is an element.

Is sodium oxide a compound or an element?

Sodium Oxide is a compound.