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The White Widow cannabis flower is known for its abundance of white trichomes. Flower clusters are large, heavy, and very solid. Throughout flowering buds become more and more thickly coated with the masses of clear resin glands that inspired the White Widow's name.

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Q: Scientific of white widow cannabis flower?
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Does white widow put holes in the brain if smoked?

No, White Widow does not put holes in the brain when it is smoked. In fact, the White Widow cannabis strain has many beneficial medical effects including the reduction of stress, anxiety and pain. White Widow is a very powerful and potent strain of cannabis, and it has an energetic but social strong high.

What is the best cannabis plant?

White widow has the most thc but certain plants can give you certain highs.

What does white widow look like?

White Widow is a compact plant of medium to tall height. White Widow's flower clusters are large, heavy, and very solid. The buds only develop a few amber-colored hairs, but it's the abundance of white crystalline resin covering the flowers that give White Widow its name.

What is the black widow's scientific name?

The Black Widow spider's scientific name is Latrodectus Hesperus. That means western Black Widow spider.

Black widow scientific name?

Latrodectus mactans.

What is stronger white widow or purple haze?

White widow is stronger as it has so much THC that it looks more white than green

What is the worlds best marijuana plant?

There is no "best marijuana" but heres a list of popular strains....White Widow - 1995 Cannabis Cup winnerSuper Lemon Haze - 2008 & 2009 Cannabis Cup winnerTangerine Dream - 2010 Cannabis Cup winnerNorthern Lights - 1990 Cannabis Cup winner (and personal favorite)G-13 - Supposedly, some breed at University of Wisconsin was said to have a concentration of approximately 30% THC by weight, more than any other strain. This was never proven.

Will white widow weed kill you?

No, if it is unadulterated marijuana (which it almost certainly is) it will not kill you. White widow is a specific strain of marijuana.

What is the THC content of white widow?

While White Widow is characteristically known for is high potency, unfortunately there is not a standard, reliable test for determining the THC content of cannabis. Many seed banks claim that White Widow contains a potency of 20% and higher; However, such claims are unreliable and based on the company's overall goal, which is to profit from the sale of their seeds. Most lab tests report that THC levels generally range from 0.1 to 7.6 percent, averaging between 2 and 5 percent. Potency fluctuates even in identical strains as THC levels are based on the plant's growing climate and conditions as well as its harvesting and processing. The most accurate way to answer this question is by trying out different medical vendors and speaking to the staff about where and how the strain was grown.

Does a black widow spider migrate?

Yes black widow spiders migrate to various different places. The scientific name of the black widow spider is Latrodectus mactans.

Where can I find photos of white forelock and widow's peak?

A link to widow's peak and white forelock pictures can be found at related links below.

What is a White spider that looks like a white black widow?

AnswerIf it is predominately black and has the red hourglass on the abdomen, it is a black widow. It is my understanding that the stripes denote either a male or a younger female. I have also seen black widows with red dots on the back. The black widow with spots on its back usually has thirteen and it is called a European Black Widow.