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Scientifically, a solution is a liquid mixture of a solute and a solvent. The solute is the minor component which is distributed evenly inside the solvent which is the major component.

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How do you use 'scientifically' in a sentence?

Scientifically, this vinegar should have a chemical reaction to this baking soda.

Is Gelatin dessert homogeneous or heterogeneous solution?

Gelatin is actually a mixture of powder and water so scientifically it is homogeneous.

The substance in a solution that is dissolved is called the?

endothermic recipient- it receives energy to dissolve and break the bonds, it is commonly know as the solute, but scientifically it is called the endothermic recipient.

How do you make sentence using scientifically?

scientifically the evidence didn't match.

How Frankenstein was scientifically created?

Frankenstein was not scientifically created - his monster was however.

Are white rats scientifically created?

No they,are not some are tested on but they are not scientifically createx

How do you express concentration of a solution?

A solution concentration maybe expressed as g/liter but it is much more common and scientifically desired to express the concentration as a molarity or normality. So 36.5 g per liter of HCl would be 1 molar or 1 normal.

Scientifically when does a cell become a living thing?

Scientifically when does a cell become a living thing

Who scientifically created shapes?

There is no single person who was responsible for scientifically creating all shapes.

What does the term supernatant refer to scientifically?

The term supernatant scientifically refers to lying above a precipitate or sediment. Supernatant scientifically also refers to floating on the surface of a liquid.

Can a joke be scientifically funny?

Not sure what you mean by "scientifically funny", but a joke can be both scientific, i.e. about some science topic (and perhaps even scientifically accurate), and funny.

Is it scientifically wrong for human to bear twins?

it is totally wrong for human to bear twins, i mean scientifically.

What is a horse scientifically called?

Horses are scientifically called Equines. This is derived from their Latin name, Equus caballus.

What is the adverb of scientific?

The adverb form of the word "scientific" is scientifically.An example sentence is: "what he was suggesting was scientifically impossible".

Can opinions be scientifically tested?

Potentially, it depends what the opinion is. For example if my opinion was that cheese floats then that can be scientifically tested.

Is The Bible scientifically accurate?


Is esp scientifically proven?


What are aphodisiac foods?

No foods have been scientifically proven to be aphrodisiacs. Although many have been scientifically proven not to be aphrodisiacs.

Why is it important to always check your solution?

Mathematically you check your solution to make sure you have the correct answer. In some cases the slightest miscalculation could cause a disaster or you could end up with low marks in schoolScientifically it could cause an even larger disaster if you add the wrong amounts of elements together.

Is horoscope scientifically proven?

No. It is not a science.

What is a lizard scientifically known as?

A Reptile

Are fairies scientifically real?

of course they are

Scientifically what is meant by evaporating?


What is scientifically base?

it's a item

How did the sun get there?

scientifically, the Big Bang

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