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scissor biopsy needs stitches?/

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Q: Scissor biopsy needs stitches
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Do you need a license to operate a scissor lift?

There are many vehicles in which the driver needs a certification or a license to operate. A Scissor lift is a vehicle in which the driver needs a certification in order to use it.

Will running after a prostate biopsy be harmful?

You will likely find that there is a fair amount of blood that needs to be voided immediatly after the biopsy. I would wait a day before running.

Can you go in a spa 2 days after cervical biopsy?

You should avoid going into a spa for two to three weeks after cervical biopsy. Your skin needs time to heal.

Does a patient have the right to disagree with his doctor and complain that the incision needed more stitches?

You have every right to disagree. But on medical practicalities, such as whether a wound needs more stitches or not, who knows more?

Your dog has a bump on it leg and it dont hurt her whats wrong?

The bump needs to be seen by the vet, they may do a biopsy on it.

What is the meaning of biopsy?

A biopsy is the removal or a portion ( or on occasion all) of a tissue sample for testing. Usually this is done to test for the presence of cancer. For example, a biopsy of a lump in the brest would involve removal of the lump with a part of it being sent for testing to see if it was cancer to determine of the woman needs additional treatments.

How is circumcision performed at home?

As an adult it isn't in the West. Unlike babies, it needs specialist equipment and usually stitches, etc.

Why do you need to learn the different kind of stitches?

Because you need to see how deep the wound is and then suggest which stitch is the best to keep the wound clean. Answer two: I am assuming you mean sewing stitches, not medical stitches. The more choices you are aware of, the more likely you can find the stitch that will best fit your needs. Many of us make designs based on different stitches, and variation is useful for us.

Can you skateboard with stitches?

It kind of depends on where the stitches are. As long as the stitches are somewhere that they won't be stretching and pulling, you should be okay. If it is somewhere where the skin will be stressing during the boarding, hold off until they are removed. It hurts like crazy to have stitches rip, and it will mess the wound up even worse. Also, keep in mind if it is somewhere you are likely to scrape on the concrete or asphalt if you trip or bust, you are likely to mess them up too. If they are on a hand or knee, you might also want to hold up. Be careful not to sweat the stitches all up. The area needs to stay clean and dry.

What should you do if your cat has a deep gash?

Take it to the vet, it is better to do that than to clean it yourself because the vet can tell if it needs stitches or needs to be put on antibiotics from the gash. Also, the vet can tell you how to properly clean the gash on your cat.

How long should colon polyp biopsy reports take to get back?

usually two (2) working days to a week ..depends on the laboratory schedule and how soon the doctor needs it

Why do surgeons do biopsy for cells?

The biopsy or collection of cells lets doctors know what is causing a particular problem. Once the cause is found a correct treatment plan can be started. Cells are gathered and then tested in a number of ways including looking at them under a microscope. The biopsy can identify the presence of cancer which obviously has a very specific treatment plan. It should be noted that cancer is only one thing that needs to be ruled out. There are hundreds of different diseases that can only be identified by looking at the individual cells found from a biopsy. For instance, there are many diseases that cause abdominal pain, bleeding, and visible changes in the intestinal tract; but only through collection of cells and testing them can the actual cause be identified.