Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR)

Sd card not working on dslr but working no digital camera?


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different companies' cameras take different cards. for example, Olympus cameras have their own types.

by digital camera, do you mean compact camera, as dslrs are digital, hence the "d" at the beginning.

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Olympus SZ is a digital point and shoot camera, it is not a DSLR camera.

Digital Single Lens Reflex

i suggest the newest Nikon D60 digital camera, it is the smallest DSLR camera and has wonderful options

No it is a point and shoot

The Nikon D90 is a DSLR type of digital camera. This stands for Digital single-lens reflex camera and is sometimes also referred to as a Digital SLR.

Nikon D60 is the newest dslr camera

Compact camera, superzoom camera, System camera and DSLR

Possibly you are thinking of a DSLR, which is a digital single lens reflex.

I would consider 1st is DSLR camera 2nd is BRIDGE camera 3rd is POINT & SHOOT camera

The 'D' in 'DSLR' stands for 'digital'. Therefore DSLRs are the digital version of SLRs. As for SLRs, the name does not suggest whether the camera is digital or analogue, therefore can the term can be interpreted for analogue or digital DLRs.

Extra equipment that goes well with a digital camera would be a memory card, padded camera case, and extra battery. Other options include a lens cleaner, a tripod, and extra lenses if the camera is a DSLR.

Firstly, a DSLR is a camera itself. And mobiles have their own cameras, but they're not DSLRs. If i have interpreted your question correctly, it is not possible to fit a DSLR inside a moblie.

A DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera combine both the lens part of a camera (front) and the digital camera (back). When deciding on a DSLR the key points to note are: the mode dial, dust reduction systems, interchangeable lenses, live preview function, wide angle of view and finally depth of view control. Having these functions on your DSLR will make its use more efficient and reliable.

Digital Single Lens Reflex. I guess you know that it is a type of camera.

One of the fancier lenses in the world of SLR and digital SLR (DSLR)

To find the best deal for a DSLR camera you might want to check different stores which sell the DSLR camera to compare the deals and see what is the best deal for a DSLR camera

No, unfortunately the Sony Alpha 100 SLR digital camera does not have Live View.

A Digital Single Reflex Lens or DSLR is a type of camera which uses a series of mirrors inside the camera, so that when you look inside the viewfinder of a DSLR, then you will see almost precisely what the camera sensor sees, accurate to a few thousandths of a millimetre. This construction of the mirrors makes the camera more expensive to make, and most cameras simply use the easier and cheaper method, digital viewfinders, which only work when the camera is turned on, whereas on a DSLR, you can look through it anytime (as long as the lens cap is off!)

Both. Depends on how old the camera is. DSLR is just a digital version of an SLR (single-lens reflex), which are the cameras with removable lenses.

i personally prefer nikon dslr camera, but for compact cameras in my opinion canon is better

As of October 2008, the best selling DSLR is Canon's EOS Digital Rebel XSi

The D stands for digital. DSLR's use a digital sensor for saving the image instead of photographic film

DSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex It's a digital camera made to look like a 35mm SLR. Usually the lens is interchangeable, but not always. - - - - - It is a camera with a detachable lens for great shots Hope this helped

It's sort of a loaded question. You can't really compare a handheld digital camera from 2000 to a recent professional DSLR camera.

The easiest way to determine whether a camera is DSLR (or SLR) or not is by seeing if the lenses are detachable. If you can switch between different camera lenses, the camera is definitely either a DSLR or a SLR.

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