Secret places on build a bear ville?


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There are 3 secret places in Bearville:

The Secret Coffee Shop - go to the Coffee Shop and click on the cat picture

Treehouse - go to the Entrance and click in the hole of a tree

Bearville Outfitters Rooftop - go to Town Square and click on the trampoline next to the Bearville Outfitters Store.


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There are no secret places in bear university.

Go to the build a bear store click on the cashier and type in the secret code on your birth certificate

In the mountains. Click on the left statue.

No Build a Bear ville is not closed on thanksgiving you get special prizes if you go on build a bear ville on thanksgiving day !! Add me as a friend on build a bear ville my name is staceyrocker16!! :)

i really do not know because i do not know what build a bear ville is

you cant get one ON build a bear ville you get one at the build a bear workshop in chester.hope this helps xxx

You buy them in real life at build a bear workshop, and on your reciept, there will be a code. Enter that code on build a bear ville.

You can't delete a build a bear .

The second gem in build a bear ville is in the furbulus flyer game

go to sunshine shores cave click on the bottom of the tree

You can get them at the city garden or the mall. You might even get at other places!

if you have already gone to the north pole on build a bear ville, can you go again?

You go to the coffee shop and click on the cat painting

1800,000 million i think

where are the 5 spots for build a bear ville pleaze tell me i need to find one more

your anamal id is on the birth certificate for your build a bear but to acsess you build a bear you need your build a bear you go from the store AND the birth certificate (well you dont need your build a bear with you but you can) then you go to the build a bear workshop store in build a bear ville then click the white bear behind the counter then click i have a anamal id and key code then ya put the code on and boom you have your build a bear. good luck cya in build a bear ville

You must buy a Build-a-Bear or any merchandise form Build-a-Bear Workshop to acess Build a Bear codes legally.

you enter the codes inside the vurtual build a bear

In the town square at the Build-a-Bear Workshop.

online at or

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