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  • Favorite Thanksgiving food: Stuffing
  • Favorite Pizza toppings: Cheese, mushrooms, and jalapeno peppers
  • Favorite snacks: Dill pickles, and lemons with salt.
  • Favorite comfort food: Cookie dough.
  • Favorite fruit: Mangoes.
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What is Selena Gomez favourite Asian food?

chicken rice

What does Selena Gomez eat?

She eats's her favourite food.

What Selena Gomez like to eat?

Pickles are her favourite food!<3

What was the favorite food of demi lovato and Selena Gomez?

Selena's favourite food is fried pickles a food from her home TEXAS

What's Selena Gomez' favourite food?

candy and fruits, mango and chocolate and caramel.

What is Selena Gomez's favorite food?

Her Favorite food is Pickles! NOT CHOCOLATE!Pizza, Shrimp and Cheese Toast. Her favourite snack is picklesSelena Gomez fave food is pickles

What is selena gomez favorate food?

i don't no if this is her favourite but i no she loves pickles followed by snickers chocolate bars

What is Selena favorite food?

Selena Gomez favorite food is ice cream

What food does Selena Gomez hate?

Mexican food

What is Selina Gomez favourite food?


What type of food does Selena gomez like?

i heard that Selena Gomez likes things that are sweet sour and spicy

Selena gomez's favourite food?


What is Selena gomezs fav food?

selena gomez fav food is french fries and pizza

What is the favorite food of Selena Gomez?


What is Selena Gomez favorie food?


What is Selena Gomez's least favourite food?

Spicy food.

Selena Gomez favorite food?

she likes Italian food

What is Selena Gomez' favorite food?


What is Selena Gomez worst food?

it is chocolate and broccoli.

What food does Selena Gomez like mostly?


What does Selena Gomez eat on a hot day?


How does Selena gomez show she is Mexican?

well i live in hollywood and i went to a reasterant and i saw selena gomez eating mexican food

What is Selena Gomez27s favorite food?

selena gomez fav food is pickles,resess peices,popcorn,chips,and pizza i got that information from youtube type what is selna gomez fav food

What is Selena Gomez favourite food?

She likes all foods, Any international food like ; Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Italian. She also has an obsession with pickles. She also likes to drink diet coke.

What is slena Gomez's favorite type of food?

Selena Gomez's favorite food is pickles! "They're the best!"- Selena Gomez

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