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Semi auto 22 rifle 87M by Stevens savage arms bullet doesn't load automatically it tends to bind it in the barrel you have to reshake it and then i loose one shot what is there to do?


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November 06, 2007 12:44AM

You may try cleaning the firing mechanism and every component of the gun very thoroughly. And then if that doesn't work you can try getting a new box of bullets made for that caliber of gun. Make sure it is a good name brand of bullets that you use. My preferences are ''Federal" or "Remington" shells. ''Remington" shells will probably be your best bet for a Stevens/Savage Arms model. I have had this problem before and I cleaned the firing pin and every single compoonent of the firing and loading mechanisms and it worked like a charm. The main problem was that it had too much old gunpowder gummed up on the old leftover oil and it started jamming the gun.