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Sentence for secretary?

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The secretary will be glad to help you find that file.

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How can you use secretary in sentence?

She was a secretary. (it's just an occupation)

Can you make a sentence with the word secretary?

the secretary has fired since 2005

How do you use the word secretary in a sentence?

I saw my secretary this morning when i walked into school!

Could you give me a sentence involving the word secretary?

The secretary typed the document on her computer.

Is this sentence correct As the group's secretary s the group's secretary you never complained but was committed to getting the job don?

As the group's secretary........ is correct done is spelt with an 'e' at the end This will make the sentence correct.

What is the complete predicate in the sentence The secretary answered the phones while we were away?

The secretary answered the phone

Need a sentence with the word secretary?

A secretary is very important for busy people to have to help them in some of their work.

Sentence with manipulate?

The secretary was known to manipulate her boss.

Give your suggestions to my secretary what is the verb in this sentence?


What is a sentence for position?

I interviewed for a position as an executive secretary.

Which literary technique is used in this sentence The secretary handed the judge the original copy of the document?

An oxymoron is used in the sentence "The secretary handed the judge the original copy of the document."

What is the complete predicate in this sentence?

complete predicate in this sentence

What is a sentence with the word ineptitude?

The secretary was fired due to her ineptitude.

How do you use client in a sentence?

" My secretary informed me that we have a new client"

Should you write secretary to or secretary for?

Use of the preposition 'to' and 'for' would depend on the context of the sentence. Example: The secretary to Mr. Jones will make an appointment for you. Mr. Jones is the secretary for the parents' committee. Another variation is: Tom Vilsack is Secretary of the US Department of Agriculture.

What is a good sentence for the word outrank?

If you are appointed the senior secretary, you will outrank me.

Can you give an example sentence for the word appointed?

I have appointed Jim as my secretary.

How can I use dictation in a sentence?

One sentence for the word dictation is; The secretary must take dictation for half the day.

Sentence for honorary?

Our secretary was not in that day, so we made one of the students an honorary secretary for the day. P.S your welcone for doing your homework lol.

How do you use cyberspace in a sentence?

The Secretary of DHS will have important responsibilities in cyberspace security.

What is a sentence for the word dictate?

The manager asked the secretary to join her in her office, as she had a letter to dictate.

Should the secretary of state be capitalized?

At the beginning of a sentence and when it forms part of the proper noun or when it precedes a person's name. Example: Manila Secretary of State John Smith

How do you use dictaphone in a sentence?

The Secretary at the law office used a dictaphone while transcribing notes!!

How do you use appoint in a meaningful sentence?

When I become the Mayor of this town, I will appoint you to the position of Secretary of Finance.

How do you use parry in a sentence?

An effective press secretary can parry almost any question a reporter asks.