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Sentence with lament?

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when the downpour started, June lamented her decision to have the wedding outside.

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How do you use the world lament in a sentence?

Lament is a verb, so it is an action. I lament the fact that you cannot use lament in a sentence. :)

Can you use the word lament in a sentence?

1. I was in a lament situation 2. No one likes to feel lament

Can you Use lament in a sentence?

There's lament over Michael Jackson's death.

Use lament in a sentence?

There's lament over the death of Michael Jackson.

How do you make a sentence with the word lament?

I lament the fact that you are having trouble using this word.

A sentence with the word lament?

Don't lament the loss of your job, go out and find a new one.Grandma called to lament about her terrible, unhappy life.He didn't lament about not having a date, he went to the dance by himsefl.You can lament your weight problem or you can do something about it.

Lament in a sentence?

As a verb: His endless lament over his lost investment got tiresome after a time. As a noun: Lament was expressed by many at the memorial service for Uncle Max.

A sentence using the word lament?

Lament (verb)- to grieve He died in 2005, and was lamented by people all over the world.

What is a sentence using the word lement?

To lament is to grieve over the loss of something or someone. Or a lament is a mournful poem or song.

How do you use lament in a sentence?

Lament means to cry out in grief. It is a word that is especially effective to describe continuing mourning. "Susan was so distraught that she voiced her lament to the whole world." It also means to regret deeply by voice. "I lament my bad conduct in public."

How do you put the word lament in a sentence?

Lament (v) - to feel deep sorrow; to express sorrow or mourning for; to grieve. (n) - an expression of grief; a song or poem expressing grief. Used in a sentence - Tommy felt lament towards his mother because he had found out that her mother had died.

What was a boss's TV lament?

what was a boss's lament what was a boss's lament what was a boss's lament what was a boss's lament what was a boss's lament

Can the word lament be used as a noun?

Yes, the word 'lament' is a noun as well as a verb. The noun 'lament' is a word for a crying out in grief, a song or poem expressing deep grief or mourning, a lamentation, a thing. Example sentence: The minister read a beautiful lament at dad's service.

Use lamentable in a sentence?

See root word definition, "lament." In a sentence: "Yes, his suspension from school as a result of cheating is lamentable. (Caused him and others bad consequences that he now regrets, and wishes he hadn't) There is another use of lament/lamentable: To mourn, or express sorrow for someone or something good in the past that is now gone. "Lover's Lament" He or she is sad that the relationship has ended.

What is a song of lament called?

a lament of the songs

Is lament an adjective or a verb?

Lament is a verb.

What is a sentence with the word a liments?

There is no such English word. There is Laments though:People who lose a relative or friend lament over their death.

What is the main idea of Lament A Modern Sonnet?

a lament sumary

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What is the noun form of lament?

The word 'lament' is both a noun (lament, laments) and a verb (lament, laments, lamenting, lamented).The noun 'lament' is a singular, common noun; a word for sadness expressed about a death or loss in the form of verse or song, or crying.The noun forms of the verb to lament are lamenter, lamentation and the gerund, lamenting.

What does the root lament mean?

A lament is a song mourning a dead person.

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