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Sentence with undertaker?


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The undertaker is not available right now.

I'm studying to be an undertaker.


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Undertaker more better than Hhh. Undertaker is the bar wrestler in the whole universe

In my profession you get used to measuring people up at a glance, I'm an undertaker.

Undertaker is better than Hhh in wrestling. He is the best wrestler in wwe

Undertaker is 44! Undertaker is 44!

brian lee played the other undertaker in undertaker vs undertaker match

where is the undertaker at

Yea, undertaker is the same person as the masked undertaker! Same person!

it was Brian Lee that played the fake undertaker, but he not related in anyway to the Undertaker in real life. September 16, 2008 Kane has never played the Undertaker. The fake undertaker was brian lee not Kane

real undertaker won because nobody can defeat undertaker. he can even beat his soul!

If it is The Undertaker as in wrestling, Michael Myers is stronger. If it is The Undertaker as in Black Butler, then The Undertaker is stronger.

No Mark Calaway is the undertaker and has always been the undertaker

undertaker is older undertaker is 45 Kane is 43

An undertaker is a funeral director.

No, The Undertaker has not retired.

No, The Undertaker did not retire.

the undertaker is from Houston Teexas

no the undertaker is in the wwe.

The Undertaker has no religion.

NO, the Undertaker is not dead.

the undertaker is not a illumanati

No that is the real undertaker.There was a fake undertaker.But technically there is only one undertakerJan 2010 Mark Calaway is the one and only Undertaker, there was a fake one for a storyline which was played by Brandon Lee. But Mark is the only one that has actually been the undertaker

No undertaker was alive Yes undertaker was alive

The Undertaker wears black because he is the undertaker and they usually wear black

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