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Sentences using frequently?

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you can not drink Frequently. You can not smoke Frequently.

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We frequently went to the park to walk the dog.My husband frequently forgets to change his socks.

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How do you make sentences using expedite?

Sentences can be constructed by using that word as an adjective or as a verb.

What are sentences using stress or accent?

Sentences that are written using stress or accent are called exclamatory sentences. They usually are ended with an exclamation point.

What are sentences using the words site cite and sight?

Wikianswers is a frequently visited site. Cite a quotation from one of Shakespeare's plays. The garbage dump was an extremely offensive sight.

What are some sentences using yo soy?

There are no sentences for this. Those are not words.

How do you use arrogant in a sentences?

write 5 sentences using arrogant

Sentences using not to be trusted?

Free websites which provide sentences using "not to be trusted" are not to be trusted to reliably enhance your education.

Make sentences using the words as much as?

examples sentences start with each

How do you combine sentences?

You can combine sentences by using conjunctions google it for more info

What are some sentences using an?

you are an idiot

What is a sentence using the word frequently?

The dog frequently ran after the school bus.

What is a sentence using the word dissolute?

5 sentences using don't

Sentence using denigrate?

I would not denigrate you for using incomplete sentences.

What are sentences using this?

some people are agents

How do you construct sentences using livid?

i am lived.......................?

Can you write a sentences using the word in?


What type of writing style results from using too many compound sentences?

A stringy style results from using too many compound sentences.

How can you write your project in third person?

You write sentences using "he" or "she" or "they" instead of using "I" or "we."

Can you give me 10 sentences with count nouns?

You can create 10 sentences with count nouns by using the words many bottles, few bottles, and a few bottles in different sentences. When using count nouns they can be preceded by much.

What sentences can you make using the word their?

Their shoes look marvelous. I played with their hamster today. I took their dog for a walk. Their sentences are not sentences without periods.

What is a example sentence using the word frequently?

I frequently walk my dog, because he needs the exercise.

How do you remember vocabulary words?

You can remember words by using them daily or using them in sentences or using them in stories and when you speak.

Sentences using extremely?

She was extremely happy about getting an A+!

Give you a sentences using amazement?

"he looked at me in amazement"

How do you write sentences using emperor?

there was a roman emperor

Examples of concluding sentences?

using as a result or all of

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